How comfortable are you with the way you are selling your services and products. In fact how comfortable are you with selling full stop?!

In my time I have been trained to use a rigorous sales processes and closing techniques, but to be honest it mostly left me cold and very probably did the same for people on the receiving end.

A sales process is important to a degree, as are closing techniques, following up and tracking conversion rates. But never forget you are a human being looking to help and meet the needs of another human being. Behind every sale is a person!

Although you may not believe it more than 1 in 10 people work in sales. With the rise of solo business owners (solopreneurs as we like to call them) this trend will increase. Interestingly many more people are involved in selling or influencing, even though they are not directly in sales. Lawyers sell to juries, teachers sell to students (I have been there and that is a challenging sale!!), employees trying to sell an idea to the boss. So persuading, convincing and influencing others is an important part of what we all do.

So to do this in an authentic, honest and human way, here are 12 key points to remember…

1. Know your Purpose or the big WHY you are doing what you do. Believe in this passionately and let this shine though when you are selling your products, services and ideas to others. Feel good about what you are selling and how good it will make others feel.
2. Be clear and positive about the results and benefits for the people using your product or service.
3. Realise that people don’t buy your services and products, they buy how they imagine they will make them feel after they have experienced them. They buy for their reasons. So help them with this visualisation.
4. Ask questions, listen and ensure you are clear on their pains, needs and wants. Honestly relate your service or product back to their needs if this is true.
5. Care about your customers or clients and look to help them. Empathise and walk in their shoes.
6. Have goals and visualise these and things going well. Use positive thoughts to create successful sales, as we become what we think about.
7. Sell the way you like to be sold to. Always remember people don’t like to be sold to but they love to buy.
8. Selling is predominantly an emotional decision so look to move people but keep a strong focus on your integrity.
9. Help people see the benefits and minimise the risks. Help them see how the advantages of what you offer play to their advantage.
10. Never betray people’s trust.
11. Don’t try to get people to do what they truly don’t want to do.
12. Don’t let the sale be the end of it. Make sure you check to see they are still feeling good and resolve any problems afterwards.

Use these concepts in the way you seek to influence people, use them with integrity and let your heart play a greater part in how you sell!
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