Changing how you ‘Think’, ‘See’, and ‘Do’ is the KEY to unlocking your future growth, success and fulfilment as a leader

Throughout Tony’s continued work on himself, his Psychological studies and his work with 1000s of leaders, he has come to one very important conclusion: Your mindset is the key to your future growth, success and fulfilment. Not only as a leader but in your life as a whole!

Escaping the 5 Mind-Traps Of Survival Thinking

As a leader you are continually focused on an ever-expanding list of things to do, which creates stress and a lack of clarity. Only by finding the space to shift your thinking and see your world differently will you do the right things to improve your results and happiness.

Tony Brooks is an experienced Leadership Psychologist, an Author and is recognised as an inspiring and impactful Speaker on Survival Psychology.

Leaders can achieve their true potential by gaining greater awareness of how their survival instinct is hijacking them and holding them back (in 5 keyways), then learning how to master it.

5 key learnings from my Survival Psychology model:

  • Why you may think you have Impostor Syndrome but you don’t!
  • How to handle mistakes, challenges and feedback to move out of a Defensive Mindset and enable you to grow.
  • How to overcome the 3 Cs of Ego (Competing, Complaining and Criticising)
  • How to shift Group Behaviour from being divisive to being a power for good
  • Why we are wired for pessimism and Negative Self-Talk, but how being conscious will be your superpower

You can find out more about my book ‘Survival Psychology’ here

Survival Psychology Book

How we work with you – Our Values

  • Empower leaders – we believe the way you think and see yourself is paramount

  • Enabling your people – we work with you to build a high-performance culture

  • Your results – we change your thinking, perspectives and behaviours to significantly improve results

  • Total professionalism – we care passionately and always do what we promise

  • Knowledge is critical – we strive to be at the cutting edge in all key areas

  • Positivity & enjoyment – our aim is to create a positive and enjoyable working environment for you

Our Purpose

We empower leaders and organisations to think in new and exciting ways, be more fulfilled, and achieve greater success.

Our approach is built on a unique and holistic combination of leadership development skills and strategies, positive psychology, as well as methodologies used within sport and wellbeing.

We know what we do is working when we see leaders and organisations achieve improved results, develop better relationships and environments to work in, enjoy what they do, and feeling positive about the present and the future.

Inspiring Positive Leadership

About Us

We support leaders and organisations like you across the UK and internationally by delivering effective and innovative professional leadership coaching programmes, management training workshops and motivational talks.

Our work is focused on improving:

  • How you view and lead yourself to stay on top of your game

  • How you view and empower your people to get the very best from them

  • How you view your organisation and push through challenges to achieve your goals

We develop leaders and organisations who are competent, trustworthy, forward thinking and inspirational.

At the very heart of everything The Leadership Training Workshop Ltd provides is a clear understanding that the way you think and view your world will change the way you behave. This will have the greatest impact on your resilience, fulfilment and success as a leader, and the same for others that work with you.

Why Tony Brooks has the skillset and experience to dramatically improve the success of your organisation

Tony Brooks is an experienced Leadership Specialist, Qualified Psychologist, Author and is recognised as an inspiring and impactful Speaker on Leadership Mindset. He has worked across the UK, Dubai, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Zurich.

Tony’s own journey as an organisational leader and then MD of his own company (since 2007) has been as turbulent as the majority of leaders. He uses his insights from this experience and his work with a vast array of leaders to develop your leadership mindset, skills and strategy.

  • Leadership Experience – Over 20 years’ experience as a leader and then over 17 years as MD of his own company. He has worked across the UK, Dubai, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Zurich.

  • Track Record – Tony has worked with 1000s of leaders and teams, via 121 Coaching, Workshops, Webinars and Keynotes. He has a proven track record of delivering significant profitable growth and positive company cultures.

  • Qualifications – Tony holds an MSc in Psychology, BSC in Maths, PGCE and has been an OU Lecturer.

  • Memberships – An accredited member of the IIC&M, IPPA, PSA, EMC and was a 2016 finalist as Entrepreneur of the Year in East Midlands Business Awards.

  • Author – Tony is the author of 2024 book ‘Survival Psychology – Escaping The 5 Mind-Traps Of Survival Thinking’. His previous book PI Leadership was published in 2015.

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