Leadership Mindset Interview – Ade Fleet

My latest interviewee for the ‘Leadership Mindset’ podcast series was Ade Fleet. Ade is an expert in increasing creativity in organisations. His background is in radiotherapy and medical sales, where he has always employed his creative skills, but he has now started his own business focused on improving creativity in organisations. In the podcast, [...]

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New Leadership Club to help with Stress, Overwhelm and Self Confidence

*** Are you often feeling overwhelmed, stressed (with an ever-expanding list of things to do) and feel like you are continually firefighting and not growing as a leader? *** Are you feeling you need help and support to keep you on top of your game?  As a CEO, MD or Senior Leader you are likely isolated [...]

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Leadership Insights Interview – Pam Burrows

My latest interviewee for the 'Leadership Mindset' podcast series was Pam Burrows. Pam is an expert on managing stress, resilience and personal wellbeing. She’s been in business for 20 years and her business is called People Booster! I’ve known Pam for a number of years, through the Professional Speakers Association and she has recently become [...]

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Think. See. Do. – World Class Delivery

In this latest article and podcast, we look at the 9th and final leadership skill from my ‘Think See Do’ Leadership model.  Specifically, what you ‘Do’ within your ‘Organisation’ to get the best results.  We will look at the importance of drilling down your 3 year vision (from skill 8) into actionable 90 day plans. How [...]

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Think. See. Do. – An Inspiring Future Vision

In this latest article and podcast, we are going to focus on the 8th skill from my ‘Think See Do’ Leadership model.  Specifically, how you 'See' your 'Organisation'.  This will examine creating your own aspirational vision for the future, along with a more structured 3 year vision. We’ll also look at how you ideally want to be seen [...]

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