Culture Change and Wellbeing – Interview Sarah Markham

My latest Podcast Interview was with Sarah Markham of Calm In A Box. Sarah was an experienced HR Director with many years' experience co-creating and delivering behaviour and culture change programmes internationally across a range of global organisations. After a difficult time and some serious health issues a number of years ago, Sarah started [...]

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Increasing Your Creativity in Business and Life – Interview Mark Walmsley

On my latest podcast, Mark and I took a fascinating look at CREATIVITY. Especially on how we can increase creativity in business and also in life in general. How can we be more creative?  What are some brilliant examples of creativity? In what is often called a "portfolio career", Mark has played the triangle [...]

2022-05-26T15:35:32+01:00February 15th, 2022|

Think. See. Do. – Increasing your Happiness, Success and Fulfilment in 2022

Firstly I would like to wish you a happy and positive new year! I hope you had a relaxing festive break, after what was a challenging 2021 for us all. Our focus now turns to making 2022 the best year it can be! In my latest podcast (and blog) I help you with [...]

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The Ups and Downs of Remote Working – Interview Kathryn Rodgers

I hope your year is ending positively and you are keeping safe and well. Every year I create a 'Reflections Worksheet' for clients and other key contacts and I though it would be good to share with you in my last mailing of 2021. It’s a useful exercise to go through this, to take [...]

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Bad Leadership – Interview with Carolyn Hobdey

On my latest podcast, Carolyn and I take a deep dive into leadership and the many signs of 'Bad Leadership' to be aware of in yourself and others. With over 20 years working in Human Resources, operating at Board level within some of the World's largest employers and biggest household names, Carolyn became a [...]

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