Lead generation involves the finding of prospects and convincing them to provide you with their name and other data. Done properly, it identifies your highest quality leads and locates where they can be found. When you know the proper strategies and tactics required to get them to respond, your revenues, sales and profits will soar.

First, you MUST know and understand what marketing is really supposed to do:

  • Grab the reader’s attention
  • Facilitate their information gathering & decision making process
  • Provide a specific, low risk, easy to take action that helps them make a good decision


All marketing must grab the prospect’s attention. If it doesn’t, it’s worthless… they’ll never read, watch or listen to the rest of the ad. That means you have to have a great headline if the ad is in print. If it’s on the radio, it’s the first thing they hear… if it’s on TV, it’s the first thing they see and hear.
When you’re communicating with your prospects, the “headline” soto speak is your bold claim.

Second, every prospect… no matter who they are or what they’re buying, is always looking for the best deal. That doesn’t mean lowest price… it means the most value for the price. They will pay a higher price for increased value. In order to know if something is the best deal, they must have decision making information.

Your marketing MUST help the customer gather information that aids them in their decision making process. That’s why the target customer profile and their thought process are so important. Without these fundamentals in place, you won’t know the right information to provide them.

And third, your marketing must contain a low, or no risk offer to further facilitate their decision making process.
You have to give them a compelling…yet safe way to take the next step. That next step may be to buy what you sell if you sell a lower priced product or service. If you sell expensive
items, that next step may be to simply request additional information.

These three principles must always be present if your marketing is going to be effective.

One of the best ways to generate leads is to make a bold promise of results that can be achieved in a very limited time frame. This instantly captures the attention of your target prospects. A bold promise compels them to want to know more about what you sell.

Perhaps offer them an assessment of their current situation or problem, along with the claim you can provide a solution to that situation or problem within a limited time frame. This could also be accomplished using a tele-seminar, a webinar or a free report. Here’s the basic process you want to follow:


Step 1, communicate to them your “bold claim.”

  • Identify a way that will allow you to demonstrate your value
  • Show you can help the prospect in X minutes (or at least convince them you can)
  • If done correctly, you can convince them to give you additional time
  • At the very least, use this limited time demonstration to obtain a second appointment

The basic premise of your demonstration is to convince them in XX minutes that there are four things they can do immediately that will produce Y results.


Step 2, create a compelling script that builds interest in your offer by promising them there’s a solution to their problem or situation.

(The bold claim in step 1 focuses on their problem… step 2 promises them a solution).

Consider this potential voice mail script…

If you’re considering jumping back into the stock market because you’re fed up with the low interest being paid on CD and other financial instruments, then
there are 3 things you MUST know to keep you from losing your shirt. When it comes to high return investing, Guaranteed Return Stock Trading is the best method you can use. It’s making fortunes for those who are currently using it. It’s simple to learn and easy to apply, and I can show you the exact process in just 18 minutes. During that short time frame,
I’ll teach you three trading secrets used by the pros that you can use to immediately increase your net worth by at least 25%.

  • Notice above that your promise MUST be specific
  • You MUST deliver on your promise within the allotted time frame
  • You MUST stop at the time you said you would or risk losing your credibility


Step 3, you want to come up with 3 or 4 questions capable of providing you with the information you need to provide your prospect’s with the value you’re promising

(create a short form assessment questionnaire)

Show them how you CAN deliver X results… or how you COULD have delivered X results based on historical data


Step 4, overcome any objections. (Most prospects are initially sceptical of bold claims, and rightfully so. The limited timeframe you’re promising is designed to convince them to give you the chance to prove yourself).

Develop a script that says something like this…

“Listen, I know this may sound too good to be true, especially since everyone today is telling you they can help you achieve remarkable results, and then of course, none of them ever
do. I want to assure you the results I will help you achieve in that short time frame are real and substantial, and I can produce these results in just 18 short minutes. Here’s how I’m going to do that. We’ve developed 3 fundamental trading strategies that every investor should be using for every trade they make… but not one of them do.

As we’ve worked with hundreds of stock and day traders, our experience has been that less than 5% know anything about these strategies. By simply implementing them on your next trade, they increase the average trade value by at least X%. I can get you these exact same results in just 18 minutes, and I only need to ask you 3 simple questions.”


Step 5, you MUST stop at time frame you set

If you promise to deliver specific results in 18 minutes, you MUST be able to do exactly that. You can bet your prospect will be timing you to see if you keep your word to them. After all, they have granted you this time because of that limited time promise you made to them. You might say something like this…

“Well, I’ve just noticed we’re at the 18 minute mark. When we started, I promised you I wouldn’t take up any more of your time. Unfortunately, I was just getting to
an additional strategy that I felt would add an additional XX% of profit to your daily trades. May I continue for an additional minute or two?”


OK… we’re at the end of the 18 minutes I promised you. If you recall, my objective was to deliver 3 strategies we use to help stock traders make more money… and that those 3
strategies would help you increase your daily results by XX amount. Do you now see how you can easily attain these amazing results?

If yes… great, so now you have two choices. I can continue on while your situation is fresh in my mind and I can show you the entire program so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision… or we can schedule a second meeting and go over everything then. If I continue now, I only need an additional X minutes, but I want to make sure I have your permission first.

If they say they don’t have time… set up a specific follow-up meeting or whatever specific action would be appropriate as the next step (send them a report, attend a webinar, etc).

If they agree to a follow-up meeting, be sure you send them an email or direct mail letter and outline your discussion with them… highlighting the results you uncovered for them and
reinforce the major benefits they will receive from what you’re selling.

Say something like…

“Hi (fname), it was certainly my pleasure speaking with you today. I’m looking forward to our meeting next Monday where I can show you how to
achieve even greater results than what we uncovered in our 18 minute meeting.

During that meeting, we discovered that you weren’t following the 3 strategies I outlined and explained to you, and as a result, you were losing on average $XXX dollars per day that you could have been putting into your pocket instead. We also managed to determine that if you immediately implemented our 3 step program, you would see an instant revenue increase of XX% every month through your trading account.
And we did all of that in only 18 minutes. Do you realize that we’re just getting started? Wait until you see the results I can help you get after our next meeting.”

It’s also a great idea to send them an additional email the day of the actual meeting to again reinforce the benefits and keep their interest level high.

Remember, your job is to provide every prospect you meet with or speak to with massive value using a demonstration. I worked with a chiropractor once who said…

“I help massive pain sufferers who have been told by their doctor that they suffer from Fibromyalgia… the most misdiagnosed illness on the planet… to discover if they really do have this dreaded disease by offering them a revolutionary new diagnostic procedure that has a 97.3% accuracy rate in properly diagnosing this horrible condition. Give me 7 minutes of your time and I’ll set your mind at ease and help you get rid of the real pain for good.”

You can also use a similar script as a phone survey. Call prospects toask them about the things they want or need that can improve their situation, solve a problem or better their life… like the Fibromyalgia sufferers

“We’re looking for 10 Fibromyalgia sufferers to participate in a free clinical study that can finally confirm their diagnosis as well as dramatically relieve their pain. May I have your permission to continue?

Have three or four specific questions scripted out that will grab their attention and get them interested in participating with you