Recession Proof Leadership – Free Webinar

*** Are you lacking clarity about the strategic direction of your business after covid19? *** Do you feel unsure how to adapt and change to keep the business growing through uncertainty and a long-term downturn? *** Maybe you are worried about cashflow and keeping the business solvent during the recession? As a Senior Leader [...]

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7 ways to grow a successful solo business

Are you a solo business owner? Do you have plans to launch your own business? Or do you have friends who are running a business alone? There are almost 3 million Sole Trader businesses, with Solo Limited businesses to add to the total. Many of these will be the thriving businesses of the future that [...]

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Join me at my exciting book launch event

            I would like to offer you a complimentary place at the exciting launch event for my new book on June 10th at 9.30 am. The book is titled "PI Leadership - The 7 Positive Insight Steps To Peak Performance Leadership". You can join me in the wonderful setting of the [...]

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12 Ways To Achieve Success and Happiness In Your Business

Here is an opportunity to discover how you can lead your business to greater levels of success and happiness. - Do you need to lead your business with a stronger sense of purpose and direction? - Are you looking to achieve stronger results in your business? - Do you want to enjoy what you do [...]

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