Lessons and reflections from my TEDx journey

My TEDx talk ‘Unleashing Your Creativity By Escaping Your Survival Thinking’ is now live and you can watch it here>>. The feedback has been excellent and this is from people who were there on the day: "You absolutely nailed it!! Such an inspiration and such a powerful message that I really needed to hear [...]

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Survival Psychology – My Book Journey

My book 'Survival Psychology' launches on April 11th with an event at the Nottinghamshire Golf and Country Club (book your ticket here). The book has already got excellent feedback from a group of 11 test readers: “This is a unique and ground breaking book in the area of leadership mindset” - Professor Paul McGee, Sunday [...]

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My TEDx Appearance and The Psychology of Pricing

I hope 2023 is going well for you as we approach the last quarter! TEDX Appearance Firstly, some exciting news! I have been selected as one of the Nottingham TEDX speakers for 2024 (January 18th). I will be speaking on "How To Overcome Your Survival Thinking And Unlock Your Creativity". More information and [...]

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Recession Proof Leadership – Free Webinar

*** Are you lacking clarity about the strategic direction of your business after covid19? *** Do you feel unsure how to adapt and change to keep the business growing through uncertainty and a long-term downturn? *** Maybe you are worried about cashflow and keeping the business solvent during the recession? As a Senior Leader [...]

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