Writing Your Book – Interview Taryn Lee Johnston

My latest podcast interview was with Taryn Lee Johnston, owner of 2 book publishing companies and she was the publisher for my first book in 2015! For Taryn, words are everything. She is passionate about stories, whether they're personal or business related. She believes that with the right guidance, everyone can tell their story [...]

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Imposter Syndrome – Interview Caroline Flanagan

My latest podcast interview was with Caroline Flanagan, the 'Imposter Syndrome Coach for Lawyers'. Caroline read History at Cambridge University and graduated with a BA (Hons). She then attended the College of Law, London and gained her Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice in 1997. She spent nine years working in the City of London [...]

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Optimism – your Superpower for 2023

I hope 2023 has started positively for you.  During January I have been very much focused on Optimism. For myself and others! I have been posting about Optimism throughout January on LinkedIn (which you can take a look at here). Are you feeling optimistic at the start of 2023? Would you like to be [...]

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Racism in the Workplace – Interview Claudia Crawley

My latest podcast interview was with Claudia Crawley, executive and career coach and owner of Winning Pathways Coaching, on the topic of racism in the workplace. Claudia is an executive and career coach, who specialises in working with women social workers and Black and Asian Women facing challenges in the workplace. She also coaches [...]

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