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Think. See. Do. – Psychology in Leadership – Part 2

Welcome to the 2nd in a series of blogs and podcasts applying Psychological research and theory to leadership. You can access episode 1 here. I will also be featuring each of these 4 areas in a regular Wednesday LinkedIn post on 'Psychology In Leadership'. Psychology in Leadership In this episode I look at [...]

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Think. See. Do. – Psychology in Leadership – Part 1

We continue to experience very challenging times across the globe and no doubt the stresses of business are higher than ever during the pandemic. Despite the global challenges, I hope you feel you are growing, both personally and professionally. But it may well be that Psychology can offer you some new ways of approaching [...]

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How Optimism Can Increase Success & Fulfilment

How are you finding life and work in 2021 so far? Despite the global challenges, I hope you feel you are making progress, both personally and professionally. In my last podcast and blog I looked at the importance of developing a mindset to get the best out of 2021 (which you can find here). [...]

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Developing A Mindset To Serve You In 2021

Firstly I would like to wish you a happy and positive new year! I hope you had a relaxing festive break, after what was a challenging 2020 for us all. In my last podcast and article in December I looked at how to prepare and plan for 2021. We now need to execute and keep on [...]

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