Celebrating 10 Years

August 31st is 10 years since I launched my Leadership Coaching and Training Ltd company!

As a leader or business person, I am sure you can totally relate to the fact that this journey can be a real rollercoaster ride at times!

During the 10 years, I have been on the brink of throwing the towel in on a few occasions, diagnosed with depression, in debt, and made some bad mistakes.

But I have also worked with 100s of wonderful clients (a number of them for 5 years and more), passed a Masters in Psychology, been a finalist as Entrepreneur of the Year for the Chamber of Commerce, and trained people in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

I become ever more convinced that working on your state of mind is the most important factor for your success, fulfilment and happiness.

Think, See and Do

We are all out there doing things every day. But how often do we stop and reflect on whether we are doing the right things?

We are all climbing mountains, but how do we know it is the right mountain or we are taking the right path?

Many people I come across feel they are too busy to stop and spend time on this, but we all need time to first THINK and then examine how we SEE things.

We all need to focus on how we THINK and SEE before DOING.

Positive Insight

My core concept Positive Insight is about:

  • How we see ourselves and how we lead ourselves;
  • How we see other people and get the very best from the people we work with;
  • How we see our journey and challenges.

For me and the people I work with, it is about finding positive strategies and approaches in all 3 areas.

So yes, I do focus on leadership skills and strategy in my work. But I also have your mind as the foundation piece.

Positive Self and Destructive Self

We are all waging an internal battle between what I call the Destructive Self and the Potential Self. I know that from personal experience.

If we can minimise the impact of our Destructive Self – our negative self-talk and self-beliefs, that will impact on our personal performance.

If we can maximise our potential and bring more power to our Potential Self, that is then the other side of the equation.

Within teams and organisations, more can also be done to create positive, winning cultures. Engaging, empowering and encouraging your people is critical to this.

Positive Leadership and Positive Cultures

This has been and continues to be the purpose for my company. To support leaders in becoming more inspired, motivated, successful and happy. To support teams and organisations in creating enjoyable, fulfilling, rewarding and successful places to work.

How we work with you

The Leadership Training Workshop and I can work with you in one of 3 ways:

  • 121 Leadership Coaching for you personally;
  • Training workshops with your team or organisation;
  • Myself as a keynote speaker for your event.

Everything is focused on improving results and fulfilment for you and your people.

3 FREE offers

If you would like to experience our services, there are 3 free offers open to you today:

  1. Access my online course on Self leadership here.
  2. A free PI Leadership Discovery Workshop with a copy of my book.  Sep 4th is the next one so you need to act fast!
  3. A free seminar I am running with the Chamber of Commerce to improve your presentation skills. More information here.

10 Lessons from 10 Years

In September, I am having an article published with the IOD (Institute Of Directors) on 10 lessons I have learned from my 10 years. I will share this with you in a couple of weeks post publication!

Thank Yous

Finally, a huge thank you to Rebecca (my partner), Thea (my daughter), my 90-year-old mum, and all my wonderful family and friends who have supported me on my journey.

And a big thank you to all the wonderful people I have met and learned from these past 10 years.

Most importantly, a big thank you to all the people who have worked with me over the years and invested their hard-earned money and faith in The Leadership Training Workshop Ltd.

If you would like any support with your Leadership journey contact me on 07912 143040 or email me at tony@theleadershiptrainingworkshop.com.