business communication


The way we communicate about our business, products and services is vital to the level of interest we generate and the results we achieve.

Do you feel you could make a bigger impact with your communication to your contacts and potential clients? Are your messages clear and being understood?


This week I want to offer a number of suggestions as to how you may improve your communication in emails, marketing pieces, out networking, in blogs or in presentations.

  • Firstly you must focus on the benefits and needs of the people receiving the communication. Not how great or experienced you are. Your credentials are important but it is your results that matter. Know what people’s pains are and what they are looking to achieve and ensure your communication is targeted to this. 
  • Tailor your communication style to the people who are reading it. More applicable to individual communications, but know what makes them tick. Get a handle on whether the person is more of a reflector or thinker or whether they are a person of action. You can then adapt your style to suit. Also look at the language they use. If they say the word “Focused” a lot, use it and shoe how “focused” your products and services are on their results. 
  • Use the word “You” a lot more than the word “I” or “We”. Take a look at your website and see how much “We”ing you are doing! We have been around since 1970, we are experienced in this and that. This is important, but your emphasis shoul be on them. This is how to engage people – show you are interested in them. 
  • Tell stories to get people interested. There is nothing more powerful than a story people can relate to. Show how you have worked with other people and achieved results. Testimonials and case studies are a great way to do this. Get them and use them! 
  • Bring out more of your personality as the old adage is true – people buy people. Tell people a little about you, aside from your credentials and show your human side. People are interested in your story too. 
  • Work on your 6 influencing skills. These are :
    • Scarcity – Show demand and scarcity
    • Social Proof – Use testimonials and quotes from others to validate what you are saying
    • Reciprocation – People are typically compelled to return favours
    • Authority – Demonstrate expertise in your field as this will gain respect
    • Liking – People like to do business with people they like
    • Commitment and consistency – People respect others who seem consistently committed to their values

NB. More in Robert Cialdini’s book “The Principles of Influence”

  • Use powerful words to engage people and move them to action. Here are 20 powerful words to use:
    • Free – People are mostly drawn to something that is free.
    • Easy – Promise and deliver on making life easier. 
    • Now – Capture a sense of urgency.
    • You – What is in it for them? Talk to them and make them feel special.
    • Save – Time, money and trouble. Discount too. 
    • Guaranteed – People don’t like risks.
    • Proven – Concrete evidence that your product or service works. 
    • Results – Create credibility and reliability. 
    • Please – Polite language counts – and Thank you
    • Quick – People are impatient for results. Faster and rapid too. 
    • Exclusive – Something no one else has. 
    • Benefit – How will you help in some way. 
    • Opportunity – People always like a good opportunity. 
    • Secret – People are always curious. Hidden too. 
    • Discover – Lead them to something of importance. 
    • Eliminate – Eliminate pain and problems. 
    • New – People like new things. 
    • Massive – Make an impact. Huge and big too. 
    • Special – Either what you offer or how it will impact on them. 
    • Powerful – No surprise here!!!


To find out more about how you can develop your communication and presentations skills please see HERE for more details about the presentation club starting in February in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce.