Creating new comfort zones

How do you feel about breaking out of your comfort zones?

I have just returned from my second trip out training in Dubai & Malaysia. I wrote a blog about “breaking through comfort zones” after my previous trip there in 2016 which you can read here.

The thing is, it no longer pushed me out of my comfort zone as it had before, and the reason for this was that my previous trip had expanded my comfort zone for the future.

Big new opportunities

I have been working with a client who heads up a company that recently had a big opportunity to pitch for a new long term contract. Winning it would mean some significant changes at the organisation and the pitch was very involved.

As you can imagine, the pitch itself was one that took the person out of their normal comfort zones. It was interesting when we carried out a review after the pitch and looked at the learnings. Many things came out of this, but one was very pertinent. When the next opportunity comes through of this nature, the head of the company felt it will not be breaking new ground and fundamentally won’t be conflicting with existing comfort zones.

Why? Because the comfort zone has now been expanded to take in this latest experience.

Expanding your comfort zones

I train people in presentation and public speaking skills (for more information on my next training course please see here).

This is an area that can really take people out of their comfort zone and you may well relate to this! I always say to the delegates after the course that if an opportunity comes along to speak, grab it without thinking.

Only when we push through comfort zones will we expand them to grow as an individual. This a cornerstone of cultivating a growth mindset VS fixed mindset as per an older blog.

Whatever your new challenges are and however daunting they may feel at first (whether that be public speaking, a big pitch, new territories, a new position or another big change), know that they will eventually fall within your new expanded comfort zone.

If you need help and support with any big new challenges please feel free to call me on 07912 143040 or email at and we can discuss how I can help you.