What are employee engagement and culture all about and why are they so important? 

Heidi Thompson has held positions in HR for ever 20 years and has been HR Director at Duncan and Toplis for 3 years. She is currently involved in a large project to establish and drive a culture at Duncan and Toplis that will support their 5 year strategy.

I saw Heidi speak at a Duncan and Toplis event in November 2019 and thought she would make a really interesting guest on the Leadership Mindset series.

In the podcast Heidi and I spoke about:

  • Defining what employee engagement and culture actually are
  • Why your culture needs work to make it a live part of your business
  • Which areas of your business your culture will support
  • Why leadership is critical to the development of a winning culture
  • Developing a feedback culture
  • The importance of coaching and mentoring

If you want to learn more about company culture and the important areas for focus on, grab a coffee and join us for the 40 minute discussion.

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I trust you will find this podcast interesting and please feel free to share, subscribe and explore others in the series.

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Employee Engagement and Culture - Heidi Thompson