How are you finding life and work in 2021 so far?

Despite the global challenges, I hope you feel you are making progress, both personally and professionally.

In my last podcast and blog I looked at the importance of developing a mindset to get the best out of 2021 (which you can find here).

In this new podcast and blog we take a look at the huge benefits of becoming more optimistic in your outlook.

How Optimism Can Increase Success & Fulfilment

How are you seeing your world currently?

Do you find yourself too engulfed in problems and worries?

How you see the world around you will dramatically impact on how you feel and the actions you take.

How much of the time you spend viewing events and yourself pessimistically relates back to the internal battle I have often spoken about, between your Potential Self and Destructive Self.

In this podcast I look at:
  • Why ‘happiness’ is the driver for ‘success’ and not the other way around
  • Why we have an inbuilt tendency to think pessimistically
  • How you truly have more control over the way you think and see your world
  • The benefits of optimism, including living 11-15% longer!
  • Why neuroplasticity should excite you and inform your thinking habits
  • How beliefs in your abilities and strengths can have a greater impact than skills and training!
  • What optimism actually means
  • Instilling good habits to make you a more optimistic, successful and happier person

If you want to explore the subject of ‘Optimism’ in more detail and how this can lead to greater success and fulfilment, you can look at this in more detail in my latest ‘Leadership Mindset – Think, See, Do’ podcast episode.

You can access the podcast:

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  • You can also find the podcast on my website by clicking here

I invite you to take the time to listen to the podcast to make 2021 a different year for you, regardless of the events that unfold.  

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