Stairs_listMy new book on peak performance leadership is now available for you to purchase from Amazon!

The title is “PI Leadership – The 7 Positive Insight Steps to Peak Performance Leadership” and within it is a treasure chest of ideas, strategies and exercises that will make a real difference to the way you develop your leadership skills, become more fulfilled and increase your success.

It is full of practical advice you can implement immediately to make a difference to your results and fulfilment in business. What’s more it comes with a very special gift valued at £300.00.

It is for you, whether you are a leader in an organisation or if you are the owner of an SME or solo business.

The paperback is available for you on Amazon by clicking here.

The kindle version is available for you on Amazon by clicking here.

OR you can simply type in “PI Leadership” to find both.

You can also contact me direct to get a copy. Please just send me a message.

As I mentioned, with each copy of the book you also get a £300.00 gift completely FREE! – This is a ticket to a new PI Leadership Discovery Workshop, were you can put the first 3 steps into action for you.

For people who buy the book on Kindle, just drop me a line so I can send you details of how to get your FREE place.

The 7 steps are focused on delivering the following results for you:

  • Strong resilient self-leadership
  • Clear direction for your future path
  • An identity that makes you strand out
  • High performance teams
  • Effective communication inside and out
  • Increasing your sales
  • Delivering results and high quality service.

All this and the workshop for £9.95 inc P&P!

The book is based on my 30 years of experience as a leader, a coach and trainer for 100s of other business leaders and my work as a psychology academic.

“It is clearly evident that Tony Brooks is an expert in how Positive Insight can be applied to improve business leadership”

Dr Louise Mullany, Director of Business Engagement, University of Nottingham

I very much hope you enjoy the book and would love to hear from you.