On my latest podcast, Mark and I took a fascinating look at CREATIVITY. Especially on how we can increase creativity in business and also in life in general.

How can we be more creative? 

What are some brilliant examples of creativity?

In what is often called a “portfolio career”, Mark has played the triangle at Carnegie Hall, performed a dangerous stunt as Batman on live TV and been Master of Ceremonies for the British Royal Family!

Having spent many years on concert platforms, in recording studios and in arts festival and concert planning meetings, he now leads a network community of arts and culture professionals shaping the future of our industry together.

When not growing this network, he can be found working with his partners as a Brand Strategist at Chufd, a creative social enterprise where they nurture emerging creative talent in the journey from learning to earning.

You can find him on LinkedIn and on Chufd.

In the podcast Mark and I spoke about: 

  • Why creativity should be seen as ‘intelligence having fun’
  • How creativity has played an important part in his life
  • Why creativity is important to business leaders
  • How we can become more creative
  • Some amazing examples of creativity
  • 3 important questions to ask yourself when making a decision

And most importantly, as Mark is an experienced Drummer…

  • Who is his favourite drummer!

If you want to explore these areas in more detail, you can take 45 minutes out to have a listen to my latest ‘Leadership Mindset – Think, See, Do’ podcast episode.

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Mark Walmsley - increasing your creativity in business and life