The Self Leadership Club for CEOs, MDs and Senior Managers

*** Are you often feeling overwhelmed, stressed (with an ever-expanding list of things to do) and feel like you are continually firefighting and not growing as a leader?

*** Are you feeling you need help and support to keep you on top of your game?

As a CEO, MD or Senior Leader you are likely isolated in your leadership role. You may not readily have access to peers and people at your level to run ideas by and sense check what you are doing. The responsibility is all yours. This can leave you feeling lonely, unsupported and frustrated.

It could be that you are struggling to make the right impression. Many business owners and leaders find themselves in the role without any training or mentoring. You’re expected to just know what to do, but this takes skills and experience. Employees (especially high-quality ones) can bring out insecurities and doubts about how to lead the team and retain them.

Leading an organisation and team comes with huge responsibility. It needs a clear direction and strategy, it needs the right skills to get the best out of the people, the right decisions on systems, products and services to grow successfully. This can feel hugely daunting!

Not having confidence in your ability to lead yourself first can feel like you’re an imposter and leading with a sense of ‘winging it’ without the confidence and faith in your decisions and methods.

As a leader, you need to build your confidence in your abilities as a leader, your personal organisation, control and your leadership identity

You may well relate to all or some of this?

As a senior leader you need confidence and control in your position.

With the current climate around Brexit and other world events this is even more critical than ever.

*** Nearly two-fifths of UK businesses (37%) have seen an increase in stress-related absence over the last year!

All this means that you need to be able to lead yourself effectively FIRST to be able to lead your people and organisation and grow as a leader.

You need to put your oxygen mask on first!

Help and support is close to hand – ‘The Self Leadership Club’…..

A new ONLINE club to significantly improve the way you lead by focusing on your self-leadership first

Like you, I have faced dark days as a senior leader and in leading my own business. I use my experience of this, my 12 years as a Leadership Specialist, coupled with my qualifications in psychology, to ensure you can keep yourself on top of your game, positively sharing your true potential and being the leader that everyone looks to and follows with trust and confidence.


In January I am launching the ONLINE ‘Self Leadership Club’ for CEOs, MDs and Senior Managers. The Club is designed to make you a better leader – honing your skills and giving you the right support to make you more rounded, effective and enjoy your role.

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The Club is a blend of education, knowledge, activities, mentoring and masterminding with peers. It is all designed to make you a better leader.

The Club is focused on your ‘Self Leadership’ and how you can lead yourself effectively first.

These critical areas are covered – Your mindset, your leadership identity, your own personal organisation and wellbeing.

It examines how you ‘Think’ so you can improve and shift this to change the way you ‘See’ your world. You and your people are then able to do the right things to increase your success, fulfilment and happiness in your leadership role.

Think, See Do

The 9 week programme provides:

  • A weekly webinar to introduce each of the 9 areas and set you a task for the week with a worksheet.

  • Insights from myself as your Leadership Specialist.

  • A weekly activity worksheet to go through to significantly improve your Self Leadership in the 9 areas.

  • Feedback and support throughout the week to complete the task, using peer group and myself, via a private online LinkedIn group.

  • After the 9 weeks, you will be invited to remain a member of a ‘Self Leadership Club’ FOR LIFE. To have this as ongoing support where you can pose challenges and continue to gain support.

  • All the work is carried out in an agreed environment of complete confidentiality.

The Self Leadership Club will build the following 9 skills:

  • Develop a winning mindset and win your internal psychological battle to lead at your best

  • Shift your language to be certain and positive, both internally and in how you communicate your messages so there is more certainty in every step

  • Put the right behaviours in place to develop your mind resilience to enable you to deal with the challenges that come along more effectively

  • Understand yourself and becoming more self-aware of your emotional triggers so you don’t let your emotions lead you into the wrong reactions and behaviours

  • Identify your role models and the values you wish to build into your leadership identity to give you a clear path to the leader you want to be

  • Improve the way you see yourself by shifting filters through reflection to stop imposter syndrome and enable you to fully stand in your leadership role with confidence

  • Handle the time thieves that impact on your productivity so you are much more productive with your time

  • Put in place the right habits and stop the habits that limit your personal effectiveness to allow you to get the important things done

  • Take care of you and your wellbeing so your health is not impacted and you don’t lose time due to illness and stress


Your investment for all of this, including lifelong membership of an ongoing club, is just £450.00+VAT.

*** This is an introductory launch offer and one to take full advantage of.

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