Revolutionising Your Leadership Mindset

As an SME Managing Director or Organisational Leader you are out there being busy every day.

But how do you know you are doing the right things and leading in the right way?

As a leader you are continually focused on an ever-expanding list of things to do, which creates stress and a lack of clarity. Only by finding the space to shift your thinking and see your world differently will you do the right things to improve your results and happiness.

The pace of change is huge and you must change the way you ‘Think’, ‘See’ & ‘Do’ to survive and thrive. This is the key to your future sustainable growth.

Think, See, Do

Our leadership training, coaching and keynote speaking are based on a unique combination of insights and strategies from Psychology, Leadership, Wellbeing and Sport in order to:

  • Revolutionise the leadership within your organisation to accelerate your growth
  • Build a high-performance environment for your people to sustain your success

Working with us you can achieve the type of results seen in our testimonials.


The ‘Think. See. Do.’ Leadership Growth Framework

As an SME leader you must continually improve your 5 Cs of Leadership Psychology

Confidence – This is about building a strong mindset and leading yourself effectively first using my expertise in Leadership Psychology – for more information click HERE

Clarity – Create clear Strategy & Direction that will engage and motivate your people in the same direction using my proven process – for more information click HERE

Community – Build a high-performance environment for your People & Culture that will get the best out of your people internally and engage customers externally – for more information click HERE

Competence – Benefit from a wealth of expertise and tools to grow your Leadership Skills and competence as a leader – for more information click HERE

Control – Gain the control and certainty you need to grow your business following our best of breed Business Ladder business growth framework  – for more information click  HERE

You can see a range of testimonials HERE

We use a combination of Leadership Tools, Business Models and Psychological
Expertise to develop all 5 Cs of Leadership Psychology for you. Call Tony on 07912 143040 to explore what approach will benefit you and your business most.  Also, take the Leadership Diagnostic HERE.

Where Are You Now?

Your journey with us starts with a simple free assessment of where you are currently. The Diagnostic is based on 9 metrics, relating to how you ‘Think’, ‘See’ and ‘Do’ in your role as a leader. You will get a RED/AMBER/GREEN rating for each of the 9 Leadership Skills.

Self People Organisation
THINK Becoming Your Best Self A Winning Culture Strategic & Creative Thinking
SEE Your Leadership Identity Your Greatest Asset An Inspiring Future Vision
DO Personal Effectiveness & Wellbeing Communication & Influence World Class Delivery
THINK Becoming Your Best Self
SEE Your Leadership Identity
DO Personal Effectiveness & Wellbeing
THINK A Winning Culture
SEE Your Greatest Asset
DO Communication & Influence
THINK Strategic & Creative Thinking
SEE An Inspiring Future Vision
DO World Class Delivery

Where You Need To Be

Our simple traffic light methodology, shown above, will quickly provide the metrics to determine which of our 9 Leadership skills are your highest priority to improve and grow rapidly.

We understand you cannot change where you are, but you can change the mindset, approach and decision-making ability of your organisation.

We then use the right tools to fast track your progress and deliver this via either Leadership Coaching & Mentoring, Training Workshops or Keynote Speaking.

Where you need to be

Identify the Leadership Skills critical for you to develop….


121 Leadership Coaching

Your leadership coaching programme combines face to face leadership coaching sessions, accountability calls, and support between sessions to ensure rapid growth and development.

Your work with Tony will work on your Leadership Mindset and Leadership Psychology to give you the Confidence to move forwards and lead with purpose.

It also provides access to a growing resource bank of Leadership Tools to improve your skills and become more competent as an SME Leader.

Training Workshops & Coaching

Training Workshops

Leadership courses and management courses can be adapted to run for 1/2 day up to 1 week and can be based on one or a combination of the 9 leadership skills in the ‘Think. See. Do.’ model identified above.

All of our work is based on a philosophy of providing inspirational ideas and hard hitting practical solutions whilst having fun in our leadership coaching and training work together!

Strategy & Direction

We work with you and your senior team to develop a clear Strategy and Vision for the future – 10 years, 3 Years, 1 Year and 90 days. A Strategic Direction that is clear to all and agreed by all.

This is achieved via 2 x half day workshops with your senior team on site at your premises or online.

People & Culture

We work with you and your senior team to define the culture you need to motivate and improve the performance of your people, providing consistent behaviour that will be aligned with your Values, Vision and Purpose as an SME business.

Business Ladder

With a wealth of expertise, after working with a vast range of SME businesses, along with extensive research into the ‘best of breed’ business models, our ‘Business Ladder’ provides a business growth process that will give you control and certainty over how to grow your SME business.

Client Resources

Click HERE to access the password controlled resource bank for clients.

Want to know more?

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