I hope 2024 has started positively for you and you are looking forward to a successful rest of year.

I wanted to share 2 pieces of news that you may well be interested in.

TEDx Talk – ‘Unleashing Your Creativity By Escaping Your Survival Psychology’

TEDX poster

On January 11th I had the pleasure of taking part in the annual TEDx event in Nottingham.

The feedback has been tremendous!

“You absolutely nailed it!! Such an inspiration and such a powerful message that I really needed to hear today” DONNA E SMITH

“Tony delivered with such passion and enthusiasm, and he left me hanging onto every word. I wanted to write down every bit of wisdom immediately!” Beth Bearder

“You really were phenomenal. You were fantastic, your talk was incredible and I would go so far to say it was like faultless!” Charlie Whyman

“Tony’s knack for bringing psychology to life is just extraordinary! His stories, especially the one about his teeth, cleverly connected to the fear symbolised by a Sabre-Toothed tiger, were both enlightening and entertaining” Pete Colby

“Most people say they would rather die than do public speaking. Witnessing Tony Brooks deliver his TedX talk, it was clear that he felt the opposite. He’d rather do public speaking than die. What a speaker! What a speech!” Claudia Crawley

Watch and support the video

This talk brings a greater understanding of how we can handle those moments when we are hijacked by fear and become overwhelmed.

In the talk I provide 3 steps to move out of the hijacking created by your survival instinct, and enable you to unleash your creativity in any situation.

You can now enjoy the 15 minute talk >>HERE<<

N.B. I recommend changing the quality setting to HD.


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It would mean a great deal to reach as many people as possible with the message. Additionally, the more views I get the greater the chance is of the talk getting elevated to the main TED platform!

Join me at the launch event for my new book ‘Survival Psychology’ on April 11th

Survival Psychology – My Book Journey - Book cover

“This is a unique and groundbreaking book in the area of leadership mindset.” – Professor Paul McGee, Sunday Times Best Selling Author, The SUMO Guy

“I wish I had read this book 10 years ago! This book is guaranteed to have an impact on your work and life.”- Beth Bearder, Legal Director & Employment Lawyer at Halborns Law Firm

“A clear read for anyone interested in surviving the pressures of leadership.  In fact, I would go so far as to say, thriving is a better word.”  – Dr Lynda Shaw, International Speaker,  Neuroscientist and Leadership Psychologist

I’m excited to let you know that my 2nd book ‘Survival Psychology – Escaping The Mind-Traps Of Survival Thinking (The Leadership Guide)’ will be published on April 11th.

Join me at the book launch event

To coincide with this, I am holding a launch event at the Nottinghamshire Golf and Country Club on the morning of April 11th. This is the same venue I held my book launch for my first book ‘PI Leadership’ in 2015.

It will be a great opportunity to network with other business leaders and explore key learnings in the 5 areas of my Survival Psychology model (Impostor Syndrome, Ego, Defensive Mindset, Negative Self-Talk and Group Behaviour).

You can book your ticket (which will include a complimentary signed copy of the book) >>HERE<<.

Pre-order ‘Survival Psychology’

My book is also available to order on:

I would very much appreciate your support with the book and please feel free to share with your teams and contacts who you think would be interested in reading it.

I hope you find both the book and talk interesting and useful in your leadership role.

Have a productive and enjoyable end to the first quarter of 2024 and if I can be of service in any way, please let me know.