Working Online with Individuals and Groups

All our 121 Coaching, Training Programmes, Team Workshops and Keynote Talks are deliverable using Online technology.

Our online services use an incredibly powerful platform to deliver 121 and group sessions for up to 100 people.

Our Online Coaching, Training, Group Sessions and Speaking include these excellent features:

  • Gallery view for everyone to see each other

  • Share screen to show presentation slides whilst also keeping a small video view

  • Share documents of all types

  • Share desktop and whiteboard for improved interactivity

  • Bespoke backgrounds to provide privacy and professionalism for home working

  • Chat functionality where there are bigger groups and voice interaction is more challenging

  • Breakout rooms, where you can assign small groups of people to work on an exercise (as with a physical workshop)

  • Security measures (password control, lock down, waiting rooms etc)

  • Recorded sessions to keep a record of the sessions


121 Coaching is delivered Online, with the ability to engage visually and share important documents and information interactively.

Sessions are carried out securely and can be recorded for future reference.

You can find out more details of the content for Coaching Sessions and Programmes here

Group Workshops

Group Workshops with your Senior Team are delivered securely Online, with the ability to engage visually, share important documents and interact within the group.

Other features including gallery view, breakout rooms, recorded sessions and sharing a whiteboard, significantly increase the interactivity of the sessions.

Training (including Presentation Skills)

All our training sessions are delivered online for groups of 10 people maximum. People can view slides, documents and interact with each other during the training sessions. Sub groups can also be assigned to ‘Breakout Rooms’ to work on exercises and activities during the session.

You can find out more details of the content for Training Sessions and Programmes here

You can find out more details of the content for Presentation Skills Training here

Online training

Keynote Talks

Keynote Talks can be delivered for your people as part of Online Conferences or Online Team Meetings.

Example keynotes include – Developing A Resilient Mindset, Leadership Mindset, Crisis Leadership and Recession Leadership.

Online Keynote Talks

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