Are there very important goals or tasks you have had in mind for a while that keep getting pushed to one side?

I have been working on my first book (PI Leadership) for some time now (I wont say how long!) but I have been allowing myself to make excuses and justify why this is not happening as speedily as it should. So to that end I pledge to you, one of my valued contacts, that this will be complete in draft form by the end of 2014 and published by the end of February 2015!

In fact, I am going to start telling everyone this, even though it feels uncomfortable inside. Why is that? Because now it is not just about me, you all know I have made a commitment too.

I was also talking to a member of one of my Solopreneur Clubs last week. The owner of a website company who is very keen to bring a new all improved version of the company’s website to the public domain. But the demands of client work keep getting in the way. I offered the same advice. Commit to a date and start telling and communicating this to everyone!

This is the power of having a commitment to others to keep you accountable. Hopefully not in the way politicians have been doing this the past few weeks, but with real integrity! We are no longer looking in the mirror, allowing ourselves a little self-deceit, we are looking other people in the eyes (even if metaphorically) and saying “I am going to make this happen”.

I was also talking to Laurence Clemente, my personal trainer from Kettle Bells Nottingham, about this very subject recently (while grimacing and praying for leniency!!). I spoke about the fact that I have always had coaches to support me and keep me accountable in my business. Laurence said how much he understood the need for an external objective eye to keep you on track. It is what he does with my nutrition and fitness! So thank you for the idea for this blog Laurence.

Whatever aspect of your business or personal life – weight loss goals, fitness goals, specific business goals, getting websites live or even writing a book! Get a realistic target and date in mind and make your commitment public. Whether that be with your coach or your whole set of social media and networking contacts!

 If you would like to discuss how accountability through 121 coaching or one of our groups can help keep you on track, I am happy to have a 30 minute call to offer some initial free advice. Just drop me a line or give me a call on 07912 143040.