Positive Inteligence Leadership

I hope you have enjoyed the journey through the 7 “Positive Insight” steps to peak performance leadership that we have shared the past few weeks.

For you convenience you can view them all here or you can get a copy of the eBook via our home page or by emailing me direct.

This has been a sneak preview of my new book – “PI Leadership – The 7 Positive Insight Steps To Peak Performance Leadership”.

The book launches on June 10th and it would be great to have you join me at the free launch event using the link here.

In the book I use my 8 years’ experience working as a business leadership coach, my academic studies in psychology and the experience of developing my business to bring a book that is full of strategies, ideas and actions you can take to make a significant impact on your results as a leader.

It is my firm belief that developing a positive mind set and approaches to the 7 key areas of leadership will have the biggest impact on your success. This relates to the concept of Positive Insight (PI) – how we view ourselves, our situation and any people who work for us. This is at the heart of our leadership development model, PI Leadership™.

So what does peak performance as a business leader look like?

  • It starts with a focus on your self-leadership. Working continually to keep your thinking positive about yourself and what you are looking to achieve. Keeping yourself motivated and energised, with a strong sense of self belief.
  • Secondly, it is about having a strong personal identity, an identity and character as a leader that will gain respect and loyalty. It is also about building an identity for your organisation that will display you in the most positive ways.
  • It is then about developing a clear direction for where you intend to go. A shared vision that is ambitious and inspiring.
  • Fourthly, it is about seeing your people in a positive way, engaging them closely on the journey to success and continually developing them to get the best from them.
  • It is about the way you communicate on a daily basis. Making sure you come from a place of empathy and understanding, so you can build positive long lasting relationships within your organisation and outside.
  • The 6th step is about influencing people to take the right action and selling your ideas, services and products so they can make a true difference to others.
  • And finally it is about continually planning, delivering and serving people so that your promises and goals are realised.

Get your copy of the book and discover how you can achieve peak performance as a leader.