the importance of celebration

In my previous blog on “10 lessons we can learn from sport”, Point 4 was about celebration and reward.

Even if you are a solo business, how often and how well do you celebrate the good things that happen?

All too often this side of review and evaluation gets missed. We focus on what’s not working so we can change it and forget to recognise what’s gone well and to purposefully stop and celebrate it.

If you have employees this becomes even more important. To collectively celebrate the wins and good things that happen. And don’t just leave it for the major stuff!

We’ve got lots to celebrate this month…

9 years in business

September 1st is my 9-year anniversary of when I started my limited company. I was out with my longest standing Solopreneur Club group last night and had a drink to celebrate. Tonight, September 1st will be celebrated with a meal out with Rebecca, my partner.

Chamber Awards

chamber awards - the importance of celebrationEven more exciting, on September 9th I find out if I have been selected from the 5 finalists as Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year. Now there will be some celebrating if that happens!!


For you all there are some valid reasons to celebrate more, beyond the feel good factor.

Recognition of the positive things that happen around you is proven to change the way you filter life and make you more optimistic. I have been writing down 5 positive things about the day for nearly 4 years and I believe this makes me more open to opportunity and resilient.

Seeing progress on our journey, can also create something call “X-Spots” in the brain and shift our perceptions of how close we are to the ultimate goals.

The key thing is that the closer you perceive your target or finish line to be, the faster you will move towards it. And the key word here is “perceive”! If you can alter your perception, you can prime your brain to release those important chemicals sooner and accelerate your success.

So celebrating the small wins is helpful in allowing us to see success in reaching ultimate goals as probable rather than possible.  You can read more about “X-Spots” here.


Don’t let those important moments pass you by. Celebrate, reward your people and have a bit of fun.

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