Do you need to improve your confidence and presentation skills to achieve success in your position?

Do you dread standing up to carry out public speaking even if only for a few minutes?

Conquer overwhelm and build your presentation skills:

Presenting and public speaking are essential skills. Being a confident and engaging public speaker has a significant impact on your leadership development and success, and yet many leaders and people fear and avoid public speaking.

Presentation Skills Training

What makes The Presentation Club special?

  • Our lead trainer, Tony Brooks, has over 10 years’ experience of 121 coaching, training in organisations, lecturing for the Open University and speaking at events.

  • Presenting is also about entertaining. Tony has been a semi-professional singer for over 20 years.

  • You can work with us through 121 presentation skills coaching, or with bespoke presentation skills courses and presentation skills training workshops tailored for your organisation.

How this works for you:

  • Presentation skills workshops with an experienced presenter

  • Develop new skills and techniques in key areas

  • Have a chance to practice your skills in a workshop setting

  • Develop your own presentations

The 6 most important ways to improve as a presenter:

  • Design and preparation – How to prepare and plan to deliver at your best

  • Conquer nerves – Build your confidence to make the most of opportunities

  • Keep people interested – Engage an audience to keep them interested throughout

  • Your voice – Use the voice and language to make a strong impact

  • Physical aspects – Use your body and other physical aspects of presenting
  • The right results – Achieve the right results for both you and your audience

Improving Presentation Skills


Previous club members have achieved improved sales conversions, confidently delivered presentations to audiences of 100s, and become more effective networkers and communicators.

From solo business owners, to sales people, to MDs of companies, this is a unique and highly enjoyable approach that will significantly improve your confidence and presentation skills and deliver results for you and your organisation.

Want to know more?

If you would like help with your presentation skills or confidence, please call Tony on 0115 903 3133 or email

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