My latest podcast episode features an interview with Dawn Wray, who I met through the Professional Speakers Association.

Dawn is a Gestalt Psychotherapist (in final training) and co-founder of The Listening Collective. The Listening Collective provides coaching with a difference. The difference being that all coaches are trained psychotherapists. She also has a private therapeutic practice which she runs from home, or online.

She has recently completed her psychotherapy training, but spent the first 30 years of her career in various Operational roles in Financial Services.

Dawn believes that organisations grow and change, when their employees can grow and change. She has a specific interest in how individuals create team and culture, and reciprocally how team and culture affect individuals, and how dialogue, relationship and embracing complexity are essential conditions to get unstuck and move forwards.

She values real, honest and authentic conversations, and being human, no matter what situation we are in.

During the interview we talked about:

? How a more therapeutical approach can help leaders and others within organisations

? Examples of how leaders can get stuck and how they can become unstuck using a therapeutical approach

? The potential paradox between psychological safety and freedom for individuals within organisations

? How leaders can create boundaries and guardrails without people feeling they are being overly controlled

? Buzzwords in leadership that frustrate Dawn and why – Empowerment and Engagement being two of those!

You can find out more about Dawn here.

And The Listening Collective here.

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Dawn Wray - Therapeutical Approaches in Leadership and Coaching