How to improve your personal effectiveness

Are you taking care of your greatest asset? In case you had not guessed this is yourself!

How can you improve your personal effectiveness?

In this article I want to cover 3 important areas for you to consider as you look to improve your wellbeing and become more effective in your role as a leader.

This is also the subject of my latest ‘Leadership Mindset – Think, See, Do’ podcast episode.

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A) Your wellbeing

You are your greatest asset and yet the day to day pressures may result in you neglecting your wellbeing.

It is essential to keep a close focus on:

  • Your health –  Ensure any niggling health issues being dealt with early on.
  • Your mind health – How well do you control the negative self-talk and build your psychological resilience so you live up to your potential
  • Sleep – How many hours do you need and are you getting this most nights?
  • Diet – Finding the time to prepare and eat the right things.
  • Exercise – Even if it’s just a regular walk
  • Time out – Do you get a regular break to recharge your battery?

B) Structuring your time and making progress

I am a great believer in setting a long term vision, a 90 day plan and then drilling down into daily planning to keep a close focus on the priorities.

Also look at the things you repeat on a regular basis. Are there systems in place for this? It might only need a one page checklist or maybe a more elaborate software solution. But if it’s repeated, build some structure around the tasks.

Keep looking to outsource, get support or delegate tasks that are not the best use of your time.

It is also essential to look at your habits! What do you need to stop? What habit would make a difference if you built it in.

My favourite two habits are planning the next day the night before and capturing at least 5 good things about the day everyday!

C) Self Motivation

I believe Self Motivation is actually split in 3 – Inspiration, External Motivation and Internal Motivation

Inspiration – this is finding space and quiet to allow creativity and ideas to come through.

External Motivation – where you reward and recognise yourself and others for tasks completed, and big goals that are celebrated.

Internal Motivation – to give yourself more autonomy, growth in your role and to keep a connection to the purpose or need to complete the task or goal.


I hope you have found that this article has stimulated your thoughts in this area, and do take the time to listen to the podcast to go into this in more depth.

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