How is your brain performing?

Are you doing the right things for this vital organ to function anywhere near as well as it could?

As part of my recent training in the Neuroscience Professional Development Programme I have been sharing some great insights to apply to the world of leadership.

My latest podcast episode features a further 4 aspects of Neuroscience that will help you up your game!

I’m also featuring these in regular Wednesday LinkedIn posts on #Neurosciencenuggets.

If you missed part 1, you can find it here.

Neuroscience Nuggets

In this episode I look at 4 areas where Neuroscience can add value to leadership and business:

  • It’s time to focus on your brain health
  • The short term and long term benefits of getting enough sleep
  • How confidence is a state you can induce
  • Why stress is so damaging for you and ways to manage it

If you want to explore these 4 areas in more detail, you can take 30 minutes out to have a listen to my latest ‘Leadership Mindset – Think, See, Do’ podcast episode.

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I’ve developed a ‘Leadership Boost Programme’ which provides a number of modules to impact and improve the Leadership Mindset of leaders in your business. 

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