Are you a transactional or transformational leader?

Are you a transactional leader or a transformational leader?

Put more simply. Do you focus more on supervision, organisation, and performance?

Or do you work with your people to create a vision and look to inspire and engage them on the journey?

I was on one of a series of webinars from WBECS (The World Business and Executive Coaching Summit) recently and this webinar revisited the concept of “transformational leadership”, which I think is a model that has great value. As described above, it focuses on moving you as a leader from being more transactional and managerial in approach, to creating a vision and identity to inspire your people and then work towards this collectively.

In essence, it relates to the difference between being a manager and a true leader, which was the subject of a guest blog I wrote that you can find here.

Transformational leadership focuses on 4 ‘I’s. These are:

  • Idealised Influence – Serving as a role model and walking the talk. What emanates from you and what example do you set?
  • Inspirational Motivation – Motivating through positive reinforcement and focusing on vision and values driven behaviour (you may want to check out the Pygmalion effect in relation to this).
  • Intellectual Stimulation – Creating an environment where it is safe to challenge, make mistakes and grow.
  • Individualised Attention – Adopting a more “servant leadership” approach and a focus on how each person wants and needs to be led to get the best out of them.

I feel these 4 areas are critical to a leader’s long term success. How about you? And which area do you feel you need to work on out of the 4?

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