what are you reflections on 2016?

As we near the end of the year, it’s customary to reflect on the year and then think about the changes you wish to make and your direction for the year ahead.

So, what are your reflections on 2016?

I thought two things might be useful for you to consider to help you with this.

A quiet couple of hours in a coffee bar

Every year I take a couple of hours at the end of the year to find a quiet coffee shop and sit with my notebook and reflect on the year. A lengthy journal on the year just passed. What went well (especially!) and what needs focus in the year ahead. A few pages of thoughts on all areas of life and work, with no specific structure. It’s surprising what comes out when you do this.

The second thing you might want to consider is a more structured view of events past, present and future. I am doing this with my clients and thought it might be useful to share with you some example questions you can use for your reflections?

10 questions to help your reflections

1. What’s working well for you?
Praise your personal progress in the past 12 months. List your successes, areas you are happy with and lessons learned about yourself.

2. What’s not working so well?
What are the most important areas for you to work on?

3. What are your greatest current strengths?

4. What new skill could make the biggest impact for you in 2017?

5. What is one habit that does not serve you and you should stop?

6. What is one habit that you could introduce to make a significant impact?

7. What do you think are the 3 most important priorities and goals for you in 2017?

8. How fulfilled are you on a scale of 1-10?

9. What can you do to move this closer to 10?

10. Where do you see yourself at the end of 2017? (Big question I know!)

If you need help in creating a clear direction for 2017, you can join us at our PI Leadership Discovery Workshop on January 23rd.

Or please feel free to call me on 07912143040 or email at tony@theleadershiptrainingworkshop.com and we can discuss how I can help you in any way.

Have a wonderful festive break and here is to a happy and successful 2017!