My latest podcast episode features an interview with my public speaking coach, Helen Packham!

Helen is a specialist in leadership behaviour and also in visual communications.

She is a TEDX speaker and former curator of the TEDX Moseley.

She covered evolutionary psychology as part of her psychology degree studies and has always had a fascination in relation to human behaviour since starting her career at Virgin aged 18.

For almost a year Helen has been my Speaker Coach, helping me with my keynotes, TEDX talk and my work in general focused on the topic of Survival Psychology.

In our interview, Helen and I discussed the following on the topic of what evolution tells us about leadership:

  • Why evolution is important to our understanding of leadership
  • How fear holds leaders back
  • The ways can we use the learnings from evolution to our advantage
  • Why fear can play such a part in public speaking
  • How tribes work in organisations (in/out groups, silos, us &them)
  • Impostor Syndrome what is going on
  • The power of storytelling
  • What leaders need to be aware of in terms of evolutionary factors

You can find out more about Helen here.

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What Evolution Tells Us About Leadership - Interview Helen Packham