The cases of depression have risen 10 fold in the past 40 or so years, and more shockingly the percentage of cases where work place stress was a factor in relation to mental health conditions is 66%! (source:

We are continually striving to achieve results in pursuit of happiness and fulfilment. The problem is that we keep moving the goal posts and end up continually striving and never quite appreciating. Conversely it has been found in research that GPs who are put in a more positive mood are 3 times more effective reaching a diagnosis and happy and positive sales people out sell their counterparts by 56%.

What can you do to make your business more enjoyable, less stressful and more successful?

I believe there are 10 strategies to achieve both success and happiness in business.

The first strategy is vital and it is about having the positive mindset of a strong leader. This is whether you work with employees or alone in business. The cornerstone to this is about self belief. Our potential is based directly on our self belief.

On May 6th 1954  Roger Bannister became the first 4 minute miler. An achievement previously believed to be impossible. The interesting thing is that in the next year 4 people achieved this. What had changed? It was simply a matter of belief that this could now be achieved.

The key to a positive mindset is very much about two factors.

  • The first is self belief and one of the most important ways to work on this is to continually move oneself to the cause side of the cause-effect equation. When we are in a situation where we are lapsing into blaming or justifying the place we find ourselves in, the key is to start taking action to move to the cause side of the equation and influence what is going on.
  • The second factor is the realisation that what we think is based on perception. Alfred Korzybski came up with the concept that “The map is not the territory”. What this means is that our view of “reality” is just that – a view. One person will see a situation differently to another and it is all about our perception. So if we can continually work to find more positive perceptions and perspectives, this will be a far more helpful strategy to moves us and anyone who works with us forwards with a strong sense of purpose.


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