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Jack Coley

Having the right mindset, which Tony instils from day 1

“I have just completed a 9 month leadership coaching programme with Tony and cannot recommend him highly enough.
We have worked closely together as part of a transition in my leadership role at BWB; working on strategy, setting KPI’s, tools to assist with confidence, presentation and leadership skills.

Ultimately its all about having the right mindset which Tony instils from day 1.”

Dominic Ginty, Regional Director Leeds, BWB Consulting Ltd

Jack Coley

His support and advice have been invaluable

“A mutual connection initially introduced me to Tony to help me develop my presentation skills, giving me useful techniques, which I continue to draw upon.

He has also supported us with communication in a broader sense and helped me and another team member prepare for a large-scale event in Edinburgh, so we could make the best of the weekend.

More latterly, Tony has supported me and TGIS Aviation’s MD Trish Gray to define the Company Culture, focusing on Purpose and Values. Together, we’ve developed a definition that we are very proud of and is engaging for both customers and employees.

Tony has now become central in helping us recruit new people to the business as we continue to grow. He was pivotal in recruiting the right person into an Office Manager position and played a part in their induction.

Tony continues to provide advice and mentoring, as part of an expanded management team and will be helping us develop a long-term strategic vision.

His support and advice have been invaluable to the company and us as directors, as we continue to grow and become more successful.”

Ian Smith, Technical Director, TGIS Aviation Ltd

Jack Coley

One of the most influential people I’ve met since starting my own business

“I’ve known Tony for a while now and I have to say he’s one of the most influential people I’ve met since starting my own business.

On a scale of importance, second highest is Tony’s knowledge and expertise in his field – not only does he understand the whole science of psychology around people, he also actually “gets” people. Quite a rare combination – Tony knows the theories better than most but he also understand the reality of people better than most.

First on the scale of importance though is Tony, one of life’s lovely people – what you see is what you get and that is a genuinely caring and selfless human being. He goes above and beyond and really cares about people – if you don’t know Tony, then you should.

In terms of work if anybody needs a real leadership expert and an inspirational speaker then I’d highly recommend Tony. I’ve seen a few of his various sessions and I learn something great from each one. Absolute top man!”

Pete C, Mediator and trainer of new mediators, Pragmatism (UK) Ltd

Jack Coley

Tony’s inspirational leadership mindset training has opened my eyes

“Tony’s inspirational leadership mindset training has opened my eyes to many innovative strategies. Tony is excellent and I’ve learnt a lot about leadership strategies that I can use to increase my effectiveness as a people manager. Highly recommended!”

Eric Schuster, Founder, TalentCloud Recruitment Group

Jack Coley

The sessions help us to achieve our goals

“We have been a client of Tony’s for many years. We meet with him once a quarter to discuss and develop our business strategy and focus going forward. The sessions are always engaging, challenging and bring clarity to our thinking. They have been a great aid as we develop and grow our business in the direction that we want to. The sessions help us to achieve our goals and move the business in the direction we want to grow. The regularity of our meetings helps us to have accountability to the action points for each session and ensures we continue progressing towards our goals.

I highly recommend working with Tony if you want to develop a clear vision for your business along with the steps you need to take to get there.”

James Deacon, Director, Volute

Jack Coley

Provided great insights through online workshop

“Tony Brooks provided a number of great insights through an online workshop for our Deputy Relationship Directors. The session focused on developing a growth mindset with some practical takeaways ranging from changing habits to goal and objective setting. After 10 months of working from home it really highlighted the importance to us all to take time out for self-awareness and self-development ”

Jack Coley, Relationship Director (Corporate Banking), HSBC

Tony Pounder

Great for seeing us through the challenges we have faced

“We have been working with Tony Brooks since the days of the Government Growth Accelerator programme in 2013. We immediately recognised the benefit of working with Tony and continue to work with him to this day. The 2nd Director (Andy Smith) and myself are very much hands on people and get involved in the project work on a daily basis. Working with Tony Brooks forces us to step back from our “doing the do” and makes us focus on the strategy and vision for ID. This has been a challenging year for businesses, including ID, and Tony Brooks has been great for helping us to see a way through the challenges we have faced in terms of tight management of our cashflow, the communication with the team and the ability for ID to get staff back to full time work from the 1st October. We look forward to continuing to work with Tony in the future ”

Tony Pounder, Owner and Director of Intelligent Decisioning Ltd

Nikolina Kopor?i?

Delivers on promises, is energised and a great inspiration

“I have been working with Tony on the SME engagement project for Nottingham University for one year (2020). During that time, Tony has been an amazing colleague who always delivers on his promises, meets deadlines, is energised, motivating, and a great inspiration for me. We have successfully delivered a webinar and a workshop on branding for SMEs within the UK. The success of this project would not have been possible without the hard work, dedication, professionalism and great contribution from Tony! ”

Nikolina Koporcic, Assistant Professor, Nottingham University

Richard Hill

Continually brings new ideas

“I have worked with Tony for over 5 years, through the Presentation Club, the Solopreneur Club and as a leadership coach for our business.  Tony’s creativity, ideas and input get us results and has helped build a very positive culture and added significant measurable growth to our bottom line, in fact we have just had our best month in the business. A key thing that is important to me is that Tony is continually investing in his own knowledge and development to bring new ideas to myself and the business”

Richard Hill, MD, SEO Traffic Lab

Julie Archer

30% Year on year growth

“I worked with Tony over a period of 2 years to help me develop both the strategy for the business and the organisational culture at Archer Yates. We worked together on a 3 year plan and defined both the internal and external identity of the company. This has resulted in a more positive culture and has assisted us in being able to manage the 30% year on year growth during the 2 years. Additionally, Tony helped me develop my confidence and skills as a leader. I took 100% ownership of the business, gained a more strategic view and improved the overall planning and organisation for the business. Tony also helped us with a successful sales pitch to secure our biggest client to date. Tony engaged the team in what was going on and I found him a valuable objective sounding board on a regular basis to support me with the challenges and decisions that needed to be made. His support made a big difference both to me and team and the success of the company. ”

Julie Archer, MD, Archer Yates

Andrew Leask

IOD Directory of the Year

“I have worked with Tony on the development of long term business strategy with the board, revamping the appraisal system, setting up a KPI dashboard for the business and working on the sales process and collateral. Tony has proved to be pragmatic, inventive and flexible and has also been very supportive in me achieving an award as Director of the Year for the IOD in 2015.”

Andrew Leask, Rogers Leask

Paul Jackman

Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to work for

“Tony’s enthusiastic coaching style and business expertise have helped myself and my co-director to bring clarity, focus and direction to the long term business plan. Working with Tony has also supported us in achieving a place in the top 100 Sunday Times Companies to work for, priceless!”

Paul Jackman, Thorn Baker, Nottingham

Sameh Souissi

Leadership training in Dubai and Malaysia

“We partnered with Tony Brooks as a Leadership trainer to run training courses in Dubai and Malaysia for Rembell in 2016. The main reasons for selecting Tony were his recommendations, his Masters qualification in Psychology, the fact that he has developed his own leadership model and is an author on leadership. We had excellent feedback on both courses, with high feedback scores of 84% across Dubai and Malaysia.”

Sameh Souissi, International Project Manager, Rembell Group

Andrew Townsend, MD, Datcom

Exceeded increased turnover target of 20%

“Tony worked with us to develop a clear 3 year vision and a 1 year plan. Key to this was achieving our increased turnover target of 20% which we exceeded. Tony has become an integral part of the business, attending board meetings and team meetings as we grow and develop the business against our ambitious goals.”

Andrew Townsend, MD, Datcom

Laura Handley

Helped to define the strategic vision and culture for the company

“Tony has worked with the Elite Insurance Senior Management team to help them define the strategic vision and culture for the company and has also supported this with 121 leadership coaching for senior leaders within the team.”

Laura Handley, HR Manager, Elite Insurance

Taryn Hall

109% increase in turnover over 1 year

“Tony gives simple strategies to follow that actually work and as a result of this, we have seen a 109% increase in turnover over 1 year.”

Taryn Hall, Response Network

Dave Astley

Turning a vision into reality

“Within 3 months of working with The Leadership Training Workshop, I have already noticed a significant different in the way I approach each business situation enabling me to prioritise my activities whilst ensuring that I don’t lose sight of longer-term goals.

We are now relocating our offices, recruiting new members of staff and achieving improved results in attracting new customers for the services we offer.”

Dave Ashley, Director, Online Marketing Consultancy in Cheltenham

Heather White

Gave our management meetings a new lease of life

“Tony has been working with us for a number of months on our business plan. He has been able to re-launch our management meetings and give them a new lease of life. We have already carried through a number of effective changes within the business and we plan to continue to use Tony in pushing forward new ideas and developing projects within the business.“

Heather White, HR Manager, AO Smith Engineering, Gainsborough

Matt Wheatcroft

Clear view of where we want the business to go

“We brought in the services of Tony Brooks on some 1-2-1 coaching and an extended group strategy session. The main reason for doing this at this stage is due to the growth of the business and in order to grow, I believe you have to ensure you have a clear collective view of where the business is gong.

The group session was extremely well structured and it brought out the best in everyone and got them to see the bigger picture. We now all have a clear view of where we want the business to go and a plan on the road to getting there.”

Matt Wheatcroft, Purpose Media

Judith Phoenix-Meese

New products, new services, new markets

“The support I have had from Tony personally has been truly exceptional. My business has changed immeasurably during this last 10 months. I have developed new products and services and am entering new markets which I had not envisaged. Some of his suggestions have been surprising but absolutely spot on. He consistently demonstrates that he really understands my business.“

Judith Phoenix-Meese, Phoenix True Potential Ltd, Nottingham

Increase in sales of 30% in some areas of the business

“After working with Tony Brooks as my coach for 3 months, we restructured our business and saw an increase in sales in areas of the business of 30%. Tony has not only helped bring structure and direction to my business, by providing a clear organised approach to achieving business goals, but he has also worked with me on aspects of my internal thinking that were holding me and the business back. My confidence in my own ability is now significantly higher.“

James Cornwell, Small Business Owner, Nottingham

Nigel Topliss

Quick results which changed my working week

“I am extremely happy with the work Tony & I have undertaken over the last few months. He helped me achieve quick results which transformed my working week. I was a little jaded with the day to day running of the business, to a point where I was feeling stressed both at work and during the weekend. By helping me organise my time efficiently I now feel much more in control of my workload and have discovered a renewed enthusiasm. As a result of this the time I spend working on the strategic elements of the business has increased from around 10% to 19%. One of the key developments resulting from this has been the introduction of two new initiatives into the business which are already accounting for approximately 17% of the revenue for the business.“

Nigel Toplis, Blue Spire

Katherine Wilson

Creates the perfect environment to pursue new ideas and opportunities

“I have been working with Tony for a couple of months now and have much greater clarity about the direction I want to go in and how to get there! Tony manages to be both supportive and challenging; creating the perfect environment to pursue new ideas and opportunities.“

Katherine Wilson, number8glass and number8marketing

Andy King

Immediately engaged students in his workshops

“Tony delivered a series of two workshops, for a group of final year Foundation degree students. The focus of the workshops was on business and presentation skills. This was a core part of the delivery toward the student’s final assessment in one of their modules. Tony was particularly proactive in finding out background information on the students, from myself. This was an integral part of the success of the workshops; in that Tony took the time to understand the students and their motivations.

Tony’s amiable, yet focussed delivery style, helped immediately engage students in his sessions. The content was delivered in a highly professional manner and it was clear that a lot of work had gone into preparing the various resources for the workshops.

Feedback from the students has been very positive and I have no hesitation in booking Tony to do more work with us in the future.“

Andy King, Confetti ICT

Simon Smith

Sales consultants confirmed practical value of the training

“Tony has designed and delivered a number of bespoke training courses for Jigsaw24. The subjects have varied, depending on our requirements, often around constructing sales proposals or delivering sales presentations, and have covered both the theory and practice required. Our technical sales consultants have all confirmed the practical value of this training.“

Simon Smith, Training Manager, Jigsaw24

Keynote Speaking

Diana G testimonial

Wow – Tony’s keynote talk really hit the mark!

“Wow – Tony’s keynote talk really hit the mark!

Providing a fresh perspective on how survival instinct and the human brain works, with easy-to-implement tools and hacks for successful personal mastery.

Thank you, Tony. I enjoyed your talk and received very positive feedback from the audience.

I would most definitely recommend you to any business or organisation looking for an insightful speaker to entertain, educate and inspire”

Diana Grant, Regional President, Professional Speaking Association

Katie Deacon

The best 90 minutes I’ve spent at work for some time

“I recently had the opportunity to experience Tony’s talk on survival psychology with a group of fellow HR professionals.

I don’t say this lightly when I say it was the best 90 minutes I’ve spent at work for some time.

Tony’s session was informative, thought provoking and challenging in equal measure.

With a group of seasoned HR experts, Tony shared new information, challenged perceptions, and encouraged the group to explore new ideas.

Thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring stuff. Thanks Tony.”

Darren Jones, Instinct HR

Katie Deacon

Leaves you wanting more

“It is without doubt that Tony will leave you wanting ‘more’. An inspirational speaker I was truly captivated by his presentation on Survival Psychology. He is eloquent and learned providing great insight into being ‘your own best coach’ and ‘the damage done by ego’. He is honest, intuitive, personable and exceptionally credible.”

Annie Leaver

Katie Deacon

Highly engaging session

“Tony kindly agreed to deliver a virtual session for CIPD Lincolnshire Branch members on “Survival Psychology – how to recognise it, manage it and not let it hijack you!”. I sensed we were onto something quite special when the Eventbrite bookings ‘sold out’ not once, but twice resulting in us having to increase the number of registrations available. The session itself did not disappoint. It was informative and insightful, delivered in a conversational style that was perfectly pitched for the audience. Tony’s deep knowledge and expertise comes over with no feel of being ‘lectured to’. This led to a highly engaging session where all members of the audience were able to take away practical tips, as well as new knowledge and CPD. To top it off, Tony is a genuinely nice guy, with a vast knowledge of music and an enviable back catalogue of gigs!”

Adam Davey, Petaurum HR

Katie Deacon

The expertise he brought into the room was priceless

“Tony is a very rare and thought-provoking speaker! In just 45 min he managed to make us re-think and re-evaluate our personality traits and some people in the room actually had a great shift!
I love Tony’s way of presenting and the expertise he brought into the room was priceless! I highly recommend Tony and his content! Book him asap, you won’t regret it!”

Olga Geidane, Regional President, Professional Speaking Association

Katie Deacon

Everyone came away with new insights and easy-to-implement suggestions

“Tony impressed me from the first time I met him. He knows his stuff. He is a great listener. He is humorous. He is a great presenter.

Recently, as Chairman of the Inner Circle, I invited Tony to run a workshop for our members on the subject of Survival Psychology. During his workshop presentation, he shared important research on four areas, i.e. Impostor Syndrome, Fixed & Defensive Mindset, Destructive Thinking as well The damage Done by Ego. All members in attendance all came away with new insights and easy-to-implement suggestions such as how to recognise and remember positive achievements and much more.

If you ever need a top class Leadership Psychologist, Coach, Trainer or Speaker, I can warmly recommend Tony.”

Bo Bronserud, ngage Consulting

Katie Deacon

Gave advice that the audience hugely valued

“I highly recommend Tony. He is so kind, authentic, fun and incredibly good at what he does.

I have worked with him personally to grow confidence and my mindset as a leader, and more recently co-presented with him for East Midlands Chamber on the delicate balance of improving people and parting ways. When we prepared for the presentation Tony was organised, supportive and enthusiastic and during the presentation itself he was a natural at speaking, giving expert leadership and mindset advice which the audience hugely valued.

After that session I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest on his Mindset Podcast series, once again highlighting how generous Tony is in terms of giving back and supporting others because that is exactly what he has done for me.

If you looking for someone who genuinely cares and is guaranteed to elevate you personally and/or your business and employees then I highly recommend Tony, who specialises in all of the following areas:

Survival Psychology
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Workshops
Keynote Speaking
Presentation Skills Training
Leadership Mindset Podcasts”

Beth Bearder, Halborns Law Firm

Katie Deacon

Offers realistic ways to overcome challenges

“Be your own best coach” is one standout take-away from Tony’s How to recognise survival thinking Psychology talk. Want to look at leadership challenges differently, listen to Tony. He’s a thought provoking psychologist and truth seeker. Client success, personal experience and research inform his talks. He takes your day to day mental challenges and offers realistic ways to overcome them. Tony delivers practice leadership guidance that even busy leaders can implement.”

Fiona Kearns, Kearns Consultancy Global

Katie Deacon

An expert in his field and exceptionally engaging

“Tony recently held an Ask the Expert session at one of our Rushcliffe Business Partnership networking events based on “How a Growth Mindset Will Bring Out The Best In You” which I had the pleasure of attending and thoroughly enjoyed.

Tony really is an expert in his field and an exceptionally engaging, informative and inspirational speaker. I gained a huge amount from his session and took away many helpful and practical hints and tips that I’ve started to put into practice. I really couldn’t recommend Tony highly enough.”

Katie Deacon, Vitalise HR Solutions & Rushcliffe Business Partnership

Sarah Long

All responses “extremely valuable” or “very valuable”

“Tony delivered a fantastic presentation on Building Self Motivation & Resilience at one of our recent networking events and was extremely well received. Not only was the content both interesting and relevant but there were a number of takeaways and questions to contemplate after the presentation. Tony was very engaging and captivating, delivering his presentation clearly and concisely. On the feedback survey, his presentation was rated highly, with all responses saying it was either “Extremely Valuable” or “Very Valuable”. I would definitely ask Tony to present again and recommend him for both presenting and training.”

Sarah Long, Membership Account Manager (Events), East Midlands Chamber

James O'Leary

Warm endearing personality with a wealth of business knowledge

“Tony delivered a session on motivation and resilience, full of practical take-home tips, which went down an absolute treat. He delivered with enthusiasm, he showed empathy with our audience and related his advice back to a business footing we could all relate to. If you’re looking for a speaker with a warm endearing personality, who has a wealth of business knowledge and can deliver with clarity and high quality then Tony is your man”

James O’Leary, Co-Founder Nudge Networking

Gemma Morgan-Jones

Unfailingly professional

“I have worked with Tony on a number of occasions and he has always been a delight to collaborate with. He is unfailingly professional, always delivering insightful, engaging content with warmth and authenticity. He has the rare ability to quickly build rapport with people from many different disciplines and backgrounds ”

Gemma Morgan-Jones, SME Engagement Manager at The University of Nottingham

David Arthur

Feedback from delegates has been extremely positive

“Tony delivered a very engaging and insightful Growth Mindset session for our junior manager population. The session was professionally delivered via Zoom, with Tony keeping engagement levels high throughout with a mixture of group discussions and breakout sessions. The feedback from delegates has been extremely positive, particularly with regards the content and its relevance to the roles the delegates undertake, and the practical ‘hints and tips’ offered throughout the session. I would not hesitate in using Tony again ”

David Arthur HSBC, Relationship Director Corporate Banking HSBC


I left his presentation energised and excited

“I had the privilege of hearing Tony talk about Imposter Syndrome as part of Charlie Whyman’s Curious Marketing Club. As a business owner, we all “suffer” from Imposter Syndrome from time to time, but what impressed me about Tony’s talk is that we came away from his presentation with practical tips on how to deal with it. I left his presentation energised and excited and I have passed on his moments of wisdom to fellow entrepreneurs. Tony is an incredible speaker and I highly recommend his services to anyone who is need of a Leadership Psychologist to talk their Chambers, workplace, event or conference ”

MayKing Tsang, FOMO Creator

Charlie Whyman

Feedback was excellent and one of the best sessions we’ve had

“Tony delivered a very well received and excellent talk to my community – The Curious Marketing Club around managing and beating those imposter moments and negative thoughts we all have when running our own business and trying to put ourselves out there. The feedback was excellent and this was one of the best sessions we’ve had. Tony has a wonderful ability to get everyone involved and really tap into those key challenges we all face but don’t always admit to ”

Charlie Whyman, B2B Marketing Strategist

Ginnina Birney

Highest rated workshop out of 8

“Tony recently delivered a Leadership workshop at our departmental Summer Event. The workshop was well received and was the highest rated of the 8 sessions on the day (scoring 4.53 out of 5). He spent time to understand our needs and his preparation was thorough, he also arrived early to sit in on the earlier session. His session was well pitched, informative and enjoyable.

Some comments from colleagues who left feedback:

  • I could have listened to that chap talk about any topic & I feel it would have been interesting
  • This was amazing!!! Tony was absolutely brilliant. He was the best part of the whole event for me and I really enjoyed it
  • Given that it was only for an hour, it was a really good session (good pace, materials, information, and right amount of practical elements)
  • Speaker was very good, left me feeling I wanted to hear more”

Ginnina Birney, Senior Manager Continual Improvement, Nottingham University

Dr Louise Mullany

Completely captivates his audience

“I recently went to see Tony Brooks speak on the importance of optimism in business at a Nottingham University event. The session gave some fascinating insights, based on proven research, along with very practical advice for SME Business Leaders. He is a very engaging, passionate speaker who completely captivates his audience. It is clearly evident that Tony Brooks is an expert in the area of Positive Intelligence and how this can be applied to business leadership.”

Dr Louise Mullany, Centre for Research in Applied Linguistics, University of Nottingham

Tim Godson

Tony’s style is engaging and inspiring

“Tony spoke at our annual Directors’ Briefing in 2016. His talk on the psychology of resilience success and fulfilment was well received by the audience of around 200 East midlands based SME Directors. Tony’s style is engaging and inspiring and he gave delegates plenty to think about when they get back to their desks.”

Tim Godson, Director, Duncan and Toplis

Mark Collins

Brilliant public speaker

“Tony is a brilliant public speaker, who channels all his experience, intelligence and passion for his craft so adeptly into his presentations. Tony is hard working, conscientious, great fun and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Mark Collins, National Sales Manager, Oticon Ltd

Paul Wilson

Gave me more practical help and guidance than anything else I’ve picked up over the years

“I attended a public speaking training session led by Tony and even though I’ve been delivering training sessions and talks for years, that one session gave me more practical help and guidance than anything else I’ve picked up over the years.”

Paul Wilson, PR Wilson Media

Steve Upcraft

Inspires owner managers to drive their business forward

“Tony has presented at a number of our Nottingham University Ingenuity events and has proven to be an enthusiastic and effective communicator who can inspire owner managers to drive their businesses forward. His positive approach towards personal development is infectious and we have received very positive feedback from attendees when Tony speaks. As a business coach who cares, Tony has few equals.”

Steve Upcraft, Ingenuity – The University of Nottingham’s local business network

Kelly Taylor

Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging

“Tony presented at the Gainsborough Business Breakfast Club earlier this year. He was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging. He provided some food for thought and very useful tips on keeping your workforce motivated. if you are looking for such training, I would recommend Tony.“

Kelly Taylor, Chattertons Solicitors

Mike Stokes

His infectious enthusiasm rubbed off on all the delegates

“Tony came to speak to The Business Club early in 2014 on “Making Your Goals & Resolutions Stick Beyond February”. He gave us many practical tips, interspersed with his humorous anecdotes – and his infectious enthusiasm rubbed off on all the delegates. Another professional and enjoyable talk.“

Mike Stokes, Director, Positive Networking

Simon Ward

Tony delivers with strength of insight, passion and belief

“My business produces live events to business and corporate clients. I have heard Tony present three times now and each time he delivers with strength of insight, passion and belief in his content and, perhaps most significantly, with his own views and learnings across a number of fields, including, but not limited to, psychology, culture, mentoring and leadership.“

Simon Ward, PRO-AKTIV Ltd

Brian McAleer

A better sense of direction

“I found Tony’s speech extremely interesting and most of all, eye opening. It has made me look at my business, the way I do business and myself in general in a whole new way.

I even woke up this morning, the day after the speech, with a new vigour and spring in my step knowing that I had a better sense of direction.

I am now looking at my 90 day plan and I intend to follow it through because I am confident it will bring me greater success and happiness in my business. I would recommend anyone who has a business to attend Tony’s speech as it will give you some great ideas to help you break bad habits and to give you a whole new mind-set to use each day, leading you to that all important promise of success and happiness.”

Brian McAleer, Eclectic Security Ltd

Liz Seaton

Tips and insights into positive thinking

“I attended Tony’s presentation Success and Happiness in July 2013. I find Tony one of the most positive, upbeat and interesting speakers I have heard in a long time. He is always smiling and that coupled with his tips and insights into positive thinking and how that can make a big impact on both your business and profit levels was very thought provoking. I can highly recommend Tony from what I have seen and heard so far and I look forward to attending more of these in the future.”

Liz Seaton, Client Engagement, Primary Live Ltd

Davina Lawton Cafcass

100% found this session useful

“Tony provided a thoroughly engaging session at our team day, looking at positive mindset and positive culture with a focus on the specific challenges for our organisation. There was a lively debate and Tony took time to address all the questions and issues raised. The ratings after the event indicated that 100% found this session useful!“

Davinia Lawton, CAFCASS

Tom Castle

Very unique, interesting and informative session

“Tony delivered a keynote to our business that provided a very unique, interesting and informative session which was very popular with delegates, giving new insights and views on ways to grow your business and get the most form your employees and yourself. Feedback from the event has been extremely positive and we wouldn’t think twice about using Tony’s services again.”

Tom Castle, Events Manager, East midlands Chamber of Commerce

Laura Handley

Talk was so well received, Tony was asked to deliver a one day workshop

“We booked Tony to speak at our annual conference on the power of positive mindset. This was so well received that Tony was asked to deliver a one day workshop on Influencing Skills for our Business Development team in London.”

Laura Handley, HR Manager, Elite Insurance

Presentation Skills

Darren Toms

Boosted my confidence when talking to large audiences

“I recently attended a 2 day presentation skills programme with Tony Brooks, to help prepare for an important presentation to an audience of more than 100 delegates. My presentation, with many thanks to Tony, was a roaring success. I had a lectern which I opted not to use and I walked freely around the room, stopping to pause and emphasise points as I went along. I had half a dozen really good questions at the end and I picked up 2 new clients and 2 new jobs straight afterwards.

It really couldn’t have gone any better and I am truly grateful for the techniques and pointers that Tony gave me. “

Darren Toms, Pensions & Insolvency Expert, Clumber

Kevin Harris

The pinnacle was my speech to 600 people

“Tony provided excellent support and input to help fine-tune my speaking skills, as president of the East Midlands Chamber. One example is the way in which Tony helped me to incorporate personal storytelling into my speeches and how to integrate these with the key points and messages I was trying to get across. At each of my sessions with Tony he provided excellent input which helped me greatly in delivering better structured presentations. The pinnacle of this was my speech to 600 people at the Chamber’s Annual Dinner. I would recommend Tony to anyone seeking to enhance their skills in this area to achieve greater impact and satisfaction“

Kevin Harris, Office Managing Partner of RSM, LLEP Chair & EMC President

Jean Mountain

Boosted my confidence when talking to large audiences

“Working with Tony has been very successful for me, as it boosted my confidence when talking to large audiences of 500+ people. Every session that I have had with Tony, I always end on a ‘high’. Tony has shown tremendous support too by attending some of my speaking events.“

Jean Mountain, President, East Midlands Chamber

Tim Allinson

Tony got me mentally prepared for 3 large presentations

“As I prepared for 3 presentations to 700 store managers, I called Tony Brooks to help me move from good to great on my presentation skills. Tony focused on the details of the content and presentation that I had not thought of and more importantly, to get me mentally prepared.

These two areas really made the difference and all 3 of the shows went really well and I received great feedback. Thank you Tony.”

Tim Allinson, UK Logistics Director, Dixons Retail

Ross Davies

Massively improved my presentationsations

“After seeing Tony present multiple times, I enrolled on one of Tony’s excellent courses and couldn’t have been happier with the entire course. The Presentation Club gave me practical tips and tricks I needed to improve, and combined with the excellent handouts and homework, it meant I was able to revisit all of Tony’s information when I needed to (which I now do before all my big presentations).

To summarise, great practical information, expertly presented which has massively improved my presentations and in turn helped me to sell to a crowd.“

Ross Davies, Strafe Creative

David Anderson

I achieved a very positive response and got great feedback from the audience

“I attended Tony’s Presentation Skills course, which was very informative and each session was very interactive with all the the students. Tony gave input to each of us and I began to increase my confidence in standing up and presenting to the group.

The end result – I managed to get the opportunity of speaking at a large event at the Nottingham Forest Ground. I managed to present using the skills I had been taught and I achieved a very positive response and got great feedback from my audience.”

David Anderson, Basic Business Systems Ltd

Scott Hingley

I am now presenting with renewed confidence

“I am half way through the Presentation Club course and have already received much improved feedback on my presentation skills. I am now presenting with renewed confidence, clarity and structure, all of which engage my audience and maintain their interest. Thanks Tony.“

Scott Hingley, Touch Design

Matt Bunn

Given me the knowledge and confidence to continue to push myself into giving presentations

“On meeting Tony and working through a 1/2 day course on presenting, it has given me the knowledge and confidence to continue to push myself into giving presentations at different events. I felt inspired by our meeting from the positive views, strategies and energy that Tony has. I would not hesitate to recommend Tony as a leadership coaching and would also suggest a read of his well presented book!“

Matt Bunn, Director, Carrier Landscapes

Patrick Burge

I am now armed with the equipment to go and deliver what I want to deliver

“Thanks for an inspiring course. You have helped me find the ‘presentation voice’ I always knew was in there somewhere. Although I have done my fair share of speaking in front of people before, I never felt the true me came through due to a combination of nerves and of not knowing how to prepare and structure the presentation, engage the audience, and deliver the message how I wanted to. Thanks to you, I now know I can, and I even look forward to the experience. It will take a bit more practice to really hone the skills you have taught me, but I am now armed with the equipment to go and deliver what I want to deliver, in the way I want to deliver it. Thank you.“

Patrick Burge

David Rudin

You have helped me to grow in confidence to tackle the objections and hurdles one step at a time

“I am writing to say a huge thank you for the course you have been running over several half day sessions for Presentation Skills at Derby and Nottingham Chamber of Commerce at NG2.

I have found the course incredibly beneficial due to its step wise and progressive structure, especially in the way it has made me think about the structure and content of my own efforts. Your course has been honed to perfection and it has been great to be part of a group doing business and learning together. It has been really enjoyable and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to get ahead in business as you have helped me to grow in confidence to tackle the objections and hurdles one step at a time.
Thank you once again and I will be recommending you to my colleagues to book your next course in October.”

David Rudin, The Arnold Dental Centre

Dee-Ann Fletcher

Tony taught me some techniques to handle my negative thinking and self-talk

“I signed up for Tony’s ‘Presentation Skills’ training course as panic would just overwhelm me with the thought of having to stand up and pitch our business (even a 60 second pitch). Literally, by session 3, Tony had installed confidence in me and taught me some techniques to handle my negative thinking and self-talk. Tony’s passion, enthusiasm and dedication is very apparent throughout the course. I can guarantee that Tony will offer an array of techniques that would literally suit any style and whilst there was a couple of approaches I just couldn’t get comfortable with, they turned out to be favourites of some of the others on the course.

If you have issues with confidence, or are in a position where you would put together lots of presentations and could really use help on how to put together an effective presentation and stage presence – this course would definitely be of a huge benefit. I highly recommend Tony as a Business Coach and Trainer.“

Dee-Ann Fletcher, Response Network Ltd

James Greely

l have attended so many courses over the years but for me this ranks as one of the best

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and l learned so much. I would also like to add that in addition to presenting to larger groups, the skills have also assisted me in my general day to day work including holding briefings, meetings and even interacting with small groups in a confident, informative and structured way. The skills are very transferable.In my role l have attended so many courses over the years but for me this ranks as one of the best. It was exactly what l hoped it would be.
l have today received a letter of thanks from the senior management team describing a presentation l conducted on the 18th November as being ‘exceptional’.

It is great to be able to put these new skills into practice in my work, which boosts my confidence to get out there and grab every presenting opportunity!”

James Greely

Andrew Birkitt

The course has helped tremendously with my role at work

“Although initially apprehensive about attending the DNCC Presentation Skills Programme it was felt that the course would be of great benefit to me as an aid to my confidence and personal development. After attending the course I must say I have to agree wholeheartedly, Tony Brooks was an excellent tutor and the course has helped tremendously with my role at work especially as this has become much more customer facing.
Overall I found the course to be well paced, focused and a pleasure to attend.“

Andrew Birkitt, SEO Traffic Labs

Robin Skailes

I am now looking forward to the next opportunity of presenting

“The course was great fun and I learnt a lot. I certainly feel more confident about giving presentations and I am now looking forward to the next opportunity of presenting“

Robin Skailes, Cropwell Bishop Creamery

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