Tony Brooks Leadership Specialist MSc, BSc, BA, PGCE

Tony Brooks
Leadership Specialist

SME Business Leaders and Sole traders

Leadership training and coaching in Nottingham, Derby and Lincoln

If you want to be a great leader, be fulfilled and happy and build an amazing business for others to work with you, we share your vision. We are also passionate about making you profitable and successful.

Our innovative Inside/Outside Leadership Model™ will provide you with the leadership skills to:

a) Create an inspiring vision for the future, b) Increase your success and profit levels,
c) Lead your business with purpose and d) Enjoy what you and your team do again!

Our vision is for you to achieve positive results, a positive mindset and a positive culture

Your journey starts with a complimentary 30 minute call to discover the 3 most important changes to make now.

Tony Brooks book “Mind mastery for business leaders”

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Leadership training workshops

Leadership training workshops

Do you need the vital leadership skills to take your business to new heights and truly enjoy each day?

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Solopreneur Club

Club for Solo Business Owners and Sole Traders

Are you struggling with the isolation of leading a business on your own?

Would you like to join a select club of like minded people, expertly run by an experienced Business Coach and Trainer?

The Presentation Club

Presentation skills training

Do you fear presenting and public speaking and miss opportunities to promote yourself?

Would you like to discover the 6 most important presentation skills?

Business Growth Coaching

Funded Business Growth Coaching

Do you want to work 121 with an experienced coach to grow your business rapidly?

Would you like to find out more about government funded mentoring and business coaching programmes?



Online skills and grow your own website

Are you looking to self teach in sales and marketing and other business skills to lead your business to greater results?

Would you like to find out about a way to grow a new website with your business?

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“The group session was extremely well structured and it brought out the best in everyone and got them to see the bigger picture. The follow up plan of action was both professional and effective for our needs. We now all have a clear view of where we want the business to go and a plan on the road to getting there.”

~ Matt Wheatcroft, Purpose Media, Multi media business in the East Midlands

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