Think. See. Do.

How much time do you take to stand back from what you are doing?

We are all out there doing things every day. But how often do we stop and reflect on whether we are doing the right things?

We are all climbing mountains, but how do we know we’re on the right path or even climbing the right mountain?

Many people I come across feel they are too busy to stop and spend time on this, but we all need time to first THINK and then examine how we SEE things. We all need to focus on how we THINK and SEE before DOING.

THINK – Our inner battle

Our thinking is a continual battle between what I call the “Potential Self” and the “Destructive Self” that lie within us.

The Potential Self is the person of incredible potential that we are at birth.

The Destructive Self builds over time and is due to our interaction with our parents, friends, peers, the media and our environment.

Potential Self:

In simple terms, we all need to look at how we think and at ways we can empower our Potential Self.

Finding quiet from the daily noise is key to this. This will allow us to tap into our inner wisdom and creativity that are at the heart of us.

Take time out in a different environment with no pre-set agenda. Have time with a mentor or mastermind group. Meditate more. Trust your intuition and gut instinct more. Make decisions that feel right in your heart.

Destructive self:

We also need to reduce the impact of our Destructive Self on our thinking.

To look at limiting the impact of our unhelpful thinking and negative inner dialogue.

Keep a close eye and correct the doubtful and negative language you use about yourself. Challenge your limiting self beliefs. Continually work on areas that are the cause of our own personal mutiny!

SEE – Positive Insight

Once we start to think differently, it changes the way we view the world.

Each of us views the world through our own filters. This is why we will all see things differently.

My core concept Positive Insight is about:

  • How we see ourselves and then lead ourselves;
  • How we see other people and get the very best from our relationships with them;
  • How we see our journey and challenges.

For us all, it is about finding more helpful ways to see our world in relation to all 3 of these areas.

Because how we see ourselves, other people, and our journey will have a massive impact on what we do and how we do it.

DO – Do the right things

For most of us doing comes first. We get up in the morning and we are straight into doing things. Responding to emails, reacting to problems, reacting to people. It’s so easy to get sucked into a more reactive way of going about our days.

Our power comes from pausing the doing. From taking a step back from the doing. From taking time to shift the way we think first. To shift the way we see things. Then to move forward with all the motivation we can summon to grow, and realise as much of our potential that we can. If you are a leader, it is also about enabling others to do just the same.

Think. See. Do.

Positive Leadership and Positive Cultures

Helping you think and see things differently is at the heart of my company’s purpose.

To elevate leadership and organisational performance.

To support leaders in becoming more inspired, motivated, successful and happy.

To support teams and organisations in creating enjoyable, fulfilling, rewarding and successful places to work.

Changing your world

If you would like to explore how to put “Think. See. Do.” into practice and would like to see how this will benefit your leadership journey, then you can start by buying my book (PI Leadership) and receive a free ticket to our PI Leadership Discovery workshop in January.

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