Are you constantly putting out fires in your company and feel like you’re not growing as a leader?

Many CEOs & Managing Directors start to lose confidence & clarity when their focus gets distracted from thinking strategically.

** Free Leadership Diagnostic Tool **

We are here to help you press the STOP button for just a few minutes and assess where your attention needs to be prioritised.

As a leader you’re continually focused on an ever-expanding list of things to do, which creates stress and a lack of clarity.

Only by creating space to shift your thinking and see your world differently, will you do the right things to improve your results and happiness.

I’m Tony Brooks, the MD of The Leadership Training Workshop Ltd, and our driving purpose is to enable you to ‘Think’ in new and exciting ways, to ‘See’ your world differently and therefore ‘Do’ the right things confidently.

Tony Brooks - Think See Do

  Knowledge is your true power as a leader.

We’ve developed a Leadership Diagnostic tool that will speedily evaluate how you are performing in 9 key areas of leadership, based around how you ‘Think’, ‘See’ and ‘Do’

The results will give you a RED AMBER GREEN rating in the 9 skills as you can see in this example

Self People Organisation
THINK Becoming Your Best Self A Winning Culture Strategic & Creative Thinking
SEE Your Leadership Identity Your Greatest Asset An Inspiring Future Vision
DO Personal Effectiveness & Wellbeing Communication & Influence World Class Delivery
THINK Becoming Your Best Self
SEE Your Leadership Identity
DO Personal Effectiveness & Wellbeing
THINK A Winning Culture
SEE Your Greatest Asset
DO Communication & Influence
THINK Strategic & Creative Thinking
SEE An Inspiring Future Vision
DO World Class Delivery

The results of this diagnostic will enable you to:

  • Identify where you are performing well currently
  • Speedily understand where you need to focus as a priority
  • Give you clear advice on what to do in these key areas

Do you want to improve your leadership skills, become more strategic and shift your thinking to lead with confidence?

The pace of change is huge, and you must change the way you ‘Think’, ‘See’ & ‘Do’ to survive and thrive. This is the key to your future sustainable growth.

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