Why 95% is enough

I hope you are having a great week and giving it your all. Or at least 95%! I ran my leadership skills workshop on Friday and was really pleased to receive an average feedback score of 94.3%. The problems with perfectionism During the workshop, ironically, we had been talking about personal constraints, with one of these being [...]

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Being in control and more organised in business – part 3

Last time we looked at being more systemised in your approach to your business. This time the focus is on behaviour and habits. We will also be giving away two really useful time management tools at the end. You can see part 1 on Planning here and part 2 on Systems here As indicated, let’s [...]

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Getting decisions and making sales (PI Selling and Influence)

This week we continue our journey to peak performance as a leader with step 6 (and chapter 6 of my soon to be launched book) – how to influence people to reach decisions speedily and close sales. Your skills as an influencer are fundamental to how well you sell and reach agreement with others. So [...]

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