My latest Podcast Interview was with Sarah Markham of Calm In A Box.

Sarah was an experienced HR Director with many years’ experience co-creating and delivering behaviour and culture change programmes internationally across a range of global organisations.

After a difficult time and some serious health issues a number of years ago, Sarah started a side project to develop her own wellbeing practice.

Out of this came Calm In A Box with a mission to support people and organisations to find greater balance, when lives at home and at work today are often so full of busyness, overwhelm, stress and anxiety.

You can find out more about Sarah here.

Culture Change and Wellbeing

On the podcast we looked at a range of areas including:

  • What Sarah’s path has been to creating Calm In A Box
  • How her thinking has caused her challenges through the years and what she has learned from that
  • Why Sarah thinks culture, engagement and wellbeing are so important for organisations and individuals
  • What’s in her toolbox to take good care of herself that you can learn from
  • Why we need to ‘Be Well’ FIRST to ‘Do Well’

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Sarah Markham - Culture Change and Wellbeing