My latest podcast interview was with Fiona Kearns, Business and Leadership Psychologist.

Fiona started her own consultancy almost 2 years ago. She guides driven and caring Directors, Professionals and Senior Leaders globally how to capably step into C-suite roles by unlocking the hang-ups that stop them projecting Confident and Powerful Leadership Presence.

Leadership Psychology

On the Podcast Fiona and I discussed:

  • What the central parts are that Fiona does in her consultancy role
  • The ‘hang ups’ she sees that stop leaders projecting a ‘confident powerful presence’
  • What Fiona’s views are on the ‘career injuries’ that can leave a lasting mark on leaders
  • The most important things for a leader to work on to grow in their role
  • What the challenges are that are unique to C-Suite leaders
  • What success truly looks like for a senior leader

You can find out more about Fiona via LinkedIn here.
And this is the link to her website – click here.

If you want to explore the episode in detail, you can take 35 minutes out to have a listen to my latest ‘Leadership Mindset’ podcast episode.

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Leadership Psychology - Interview Fiona Kearns