Setting your business and personal goals for 2012 was really only part of the equation. The hard work comes in taking action and doing the right things to ensure they are achieved.

Here are 10 key tips to ensure you deilver on your goals in 2012:

1. Keep your goals in mind – Although you may feel proud that you have established some really great goals in different areas of your life and business, this will all be meaningless if you do not act to achieve them. Set time aside to constantly review your goals, to feel inspired by them and to fine tune them if necessary. Sometimes we can lose sight of the direction we are going in when the day to day challenges take over, so this is vital.  Some people like to use visioning boards to constantly keep their goals and vision in mind.  This can be a selection of images that represent your goal or vision.

2. Continually plan and re-plan – The first thing to do after setting a goal is to have a plan as to how you are going to achieve this. Have some actions you can take immediately to get things moving, but ensure you also have milestones on the way to achieving your goals, so you can monitor if you are on track and reward yourself for successes along the way.  Again you need to set time aside to work through the plans and make any revisions as necessary.

3. Take responsibility to move things along– A goal ultimately needs to be your responsibility. Look on a day to day basis at where you are blaming others or trying to justify why much needed actions are not happening.  Rather than blaming or justifying look at how you can do something to take charge and put yourself on the cause side of the cause-effect equation. Issues and problems naturally come along, but it is how you deal with them that counts.

4. Use available resources – On the path to achieving your goal; don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t need to.  There are physical things you will already have or knowledge you can tap into that will help.  The most important resource we have though is other people. Think broadly about who has the skills or knowledge in certain areas and use them to help you.

5. Develop effective habits – Look at the habits you need on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis that will deliver a new level of success and support the achievement of your goals. Use these 4 questions to help with this:

– What must I start doing that we are not doing at the moment?
– What must I stop doing as it is clearly adding limited value?
– What must I start doing more of which could prove effective use of time, energy and resources?
– What must I start doing less of as it is not a valuable use of time, energy and resources?

6. Make the time to work on your strategy – All this work on goals and planning requires time.  Review how you are spending your time currently and make some changes so that you release time to work on your strategy.

7. Keep your mind and body active – To keep inspired and energised, keep developing yourself by reading, listening to audios or attending events that will enhance your knowledge and skills. It is also important to fit in some exercise into your routine. This is not only good physically, but it is good thinking time. I have some of my best ideas during my morning swim!!

8. Handle psychological blockers – Very often our worst enemy in achieving our goals and ultimate success is ourselves. We all have a range of negative beliefs about ourselves and situations that can have a huge impact. Recognise these and try and reframe them.  Look at the positive beliefs that you can continually reaffirm to support you and build a bank of evidence to support these.

9. Recognise your achievements – I often say to my clients that achievements are not just the big wins.  You need to reflect on a daily basis and recognise all the achievements on the journey.  This is especially important if you manage or lead people, as people need to be appreciated.

10. Have somebody to keep you on track – Whether it be a friend, mentor or coach it is important to have someone who can make you accountable for changes. It can be lonely work getting to your desired outcomes and having someone to act as a sounding board and offer objective advice can bring some focus, structure and rationality to a situation.

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