PI Delivery and ServiceThis week we complete our journey to peak performance as a leader with step 7 (and chapter 7 of my soon to be launched book) – How to make things happen and provide the best service.

We have covered a range of skills you need to develop as a PI Leader. Ensuring you deliver on your plans and serve at the highest level is an important end to our journey.

In this week’s blog I’d like to share a few thoughts and ideas from my new book on how you can deliver on your great ideas and serve your people and your customers as best you can.

Planning is the foundation piece for how well you will deliver and serve people. How much time do you set aside for this? Do you take your great ideas and build them into an action plan? A long term strategic vision and 90 day planning is a crucial element of this.

Once you have your plan, delivering against this means keeping a constant focus on your priorities and managing your time well, as we all know how precious this is. How much control and planning do you build into your day to day schedule? I encourage all my clients to close down each day and create a plan for the next, so there is a clear target.

Your delivery will also be impacted by your habits. Therefore it is good to take a look at the things you are doing on a habitual basis that are not productive and address this. It is also good to look at some habits that would allow you to utilise your time more effectively and then bed these in (warning – it takes 21 days to bed in a new habit so keep committed!).

This is just a flavour of what you can do to deliver on our plans.

Let’s now spend a little time looking at service. One of the most important driving values we have at the Leadership Training Workshop is to “do what we say we will do always”. Remember this doesn’t just apply to your customers but to your people too. How many business leaders fall at this hurdle and how much would you stand out with your clients and people if you used this as a guiding light for your behaviour and service of others?

Related to this is the notion of feedback. When serving your customers or serving your people (as a servant leader), seeking and acting on feedback will make a huge difference to your results. Build client reviews into your calendar and ensure that feedback is a key part of this.

It is also time well spent to look at the way you do repeatable processes. Have you systemised what you do or are you continually doing this in an adhoc way? Not only will this take longer, but the end result will not be of a consistent quality. Therefore start with one area of your business and build in step by step processes to carry this out in a systemised consistent fashion. Obviously introducing technology to do this is worthwhile too.

These are just a few ideas to help you deliver and serve as well as you can. Finally, it is also important to keep the positive energy levels up for you and your people. Motivating yourself and your people to keep on track needs PI Leadership and recognition of all the good results on the way.

If I can support you in improving your delivery and service, please drop me a line.

If you would like to join me for the exciting book launch on June 10th, to hear about the 7 steps in much more detail, then please click here.