How difficult have you made it to feel good and how easy have you made it to feel bad about yourself and your business?  How do you know if you have failed or succeeded? All of this is dependent on the Rules we have built up over time, that have a strong impact on how we feel.

Rules will have been built up from our childhood, our experiences, the environment we find ourselves in. 

They are a key determinant of our attitude to life.

If you look at the key areas you value in your life and business, what has to happen for you to feel this way? What has to happen to feel successful, to feel confident, to feel liked? 

For Example  – “Feeling Successful”

If you value “Success” as most of us do! What is the Rule you have built up consciously and unconsciously over time that describes what must happen for you to feel “Successful”? 

We all need a sense of stretch, but we all need to feel good about what we are doing.  Our Goals give us stretch, but we can set up Rules that make us feel good on a continual basis as we journey towards our Goals. 

If your “Success” Rule is solely based on overt wins, maybe you need to see other smaller achievements as “wins” too.  Celebrate them too. This is especially important if you have a business with employees.

For example “When we introduce a new way of generating client leads we are successful”.  “When we book a sales meeting we are successful”. 

I would also encourage you, on a personal basis, to journal or keep a record of smaller successes and positive achievements. There is a significant amount of research that suggests that the more success we recognise and look for, the more we will see.

We can also find that we have Rules built up over time that make it easy for us to feel bad too.  Think about what has to happen for you to feel like you are losing or being fearful. How easy have you made it to feel this way, either consciously or unconsciously?

Again you need to work on your rules in this area and work on consciously making it harder to feel bad, Over time this will become more unconscious, but the first step is awareness and then a shift in perspective.

Rules are built up over time but they can be changed to support us. You can develop and work on a number of rules to support you in achieving success and have these constantly in your focus. 

These rules are key to your motivation on your way to achieving your Long-term Goals.