*** Are you lacking clarity about the strategic direction of your business after covid19?

*** Do you feel unsure how to adapt and change to keep the business growing through uncertainty and a long-term downturn?

*** Maybe you are worried about cashflow and keeping the business solvent during the recession?

As a Senior Leader or Business Owner you likely feel isolated in your leadership role during the recession we all face. There is no way we can avoid this, we are heading into a time where we need to be lean and agile. We all need to be prepared to do things differently.

Leading an organisation and team at this time comes with huge responsibility. It needs a clear direction and strategy, it needs the right skills to get the best out of the people, the right decisions on systems, products and services to grow successfully. This can feel daunting!

On this free webinar, leadership experts Jon Davies and Tony Brooks will share with you the most important actions you need to take to lead your business successfully through the impending recession.

Leading your business through a recession is fundamentally different to normal times.

Recession Proof Leadership

If you want to know how to keep yourself strong, get the best out of your people and grow your business through adversity, join us for a value packed 60 minutes.

Join us on June 24th 12.30 pm by registering here

Join us on June 29th 5.00 pm by registering here

*** Please feel free to share this event with peers, suppliers and other people you work with, so we can all support each other through this challenging time.

Recession proof leadership