How are you coping with the challenges 2020 has brought for us all?

We not only need to focus on the businesses we lead, but also ourselves.

Resilience needs to be found for us personally, to be able to build a resilient business and team! I shared some tips on developing a resilient mindset during a time of crisis previously, which you can read here.

After a 6 month break, I am very happy to be back with series 2 of the ‘Leadership Mindset’ podcast series. I have a number of fascinating interviews lined up for 2021, when the current situation has calmed down. In the meantime, this is the first of a number of ‘Leadership Insight’ podcast episodes, which will take a look at key topic areas for us all as leaders as we navigate our way through the challenges we face.

resilient mindset, resilient business

This time I share 5 ways to develop more resilience personally and 5 ways to develop more resilience as a business.

These are:

  • Revamping our personal habits and routine
  • Observing and choosing our thinking and thought patterns
  • Being clear on our own personal purpose
  • Choosing our perspectives and the way we see our world
  • Ensuring we have quality downtime
  • Knowing where we are going as a business or team
  • Managing the cashflow, investments and expenses
  • Keeping an eye on growth and ensuring we are agile
  • Making important decisions
  • Staying connected

This is all explored in depth in my latest ‘Leadership Mindset – Think, See, Do’ podcast episode.

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  • You can also find the podcast on my website by clicking here

Wherever you are on the journey through the current crisis, developing more personal resilience and more resilience as a business, will be a critical foundation for your future success.

I invite you to take the time to listen to the podcast to go into this in more depth.

Please feel free to give me a call on 07912 143 040 or email me at and we can discuss how I can support your leadership development.