The Biology of Leadership Interview – Rachael Edmondson-Clarke

This month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachael Edmondson-Clarke for my Podcast Show. Rachael is a Health Coach and Performance Transformation Partner, and we know each other through the Professional Speaking Association, where she is soon to become the East Midlands President! Rachael is healthily obsessed with the practical strategies that empower [...]

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My TEDx Appearance and The Psychology of Pricing

I hope 2023 is going well for you as we approach the last quarter! TEDX Appearance Firstly, some exciting news! I have been selected as one of the Nottingham TEDX speakers for 2024 (January 18th). I will be speaking on "How To Overcome Your Survival Thinking And Unlock Your Creativity". More information and [...]

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Therapeutical Approaches in Leadership and Coaching – Interview Dawn Wray

My latest podcast episode features an interview with Dawn Wray, who I met through the Professional Speakers Association. Dawn is a Gestalt Psychotherapist (in final training) and co-founder of The Listening Collective. The Listening Collective provides coaching with a difference. The difference being that all coaches are trained psychotherapists. She also has a private [...]

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What Evolution Tells Us About Leadership – Interview Helen Packham

My latest podcast episode features an interview with my public speaking coach, Helen Packham! Helen is a specialist in leadership behaviour and also in visual communications. She is a TEDX speaker and former curator of the TEDX Moseley. She covered evolutionary psychology as part of her psychology degree studies and has always had a [...]

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The Delicate Balance Between Developing People & Parting Ways – Interview Beth Bearder

My latest podcast interview was with Beth Bearder on the delicate balance between developing people and parting ways. Beth is a specialist Employment Law Solicitor. She is very well known for her professionalism and ability to provide her clients with confidence by cutting through legal issues to provide concise and easy to understand solutions. [...]

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