The Ups and Downs of Remote Working – Interview Kathryn Rodgers

I hope your year is ending positively and you are keeping safe and well. Every year I create a 'Reflections Worksheet' for clients and other key contacts and I though it would be good to share with you in my last mailing of 2021. It’s a useful exercise to go through this, to take [...]

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Bad Leadership – Interview with Carolyn Hobdey

On my latest podcast, Carolyn and I take a deep dive into leadership and the many signs of 'Bad Leadership' to be aware of in yourself and others. With over 20 years working in Human Resources, operating at Board level within some of the World's largest employers and biggest household names, Carolyn became a [...]

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Neuroscience in Business – Interview with Dr Lynda Shaw

In my latest podcast you will discover how to apply lessons from the world of Neuroscience to improve your performance as a business leader. Lynda is a cognitive neuroscientist, a business psychologist and she specialises in working with people to recalibrate their thinking, especially in terms of communication, their own limitations and embracing change. [...]

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Think. See. Do. – Neuroscience Nuggets – Part 2

How is your brain performing? Are you doing the right things for this vital organ to function anywhere near as well as it could? As part of my recent training in the Neuroscience Professional Development Programme I have been sharing some great insights to apply to the world of leadership. My latest podcast episode [...]

2021-09-09T14:17:25+01:00September 9th, 2021|

Think. See. Do. – Neuroscience Nuggets – Part 1

I’m currently going through Neuroscience training and plan to share the key nuggets from this for business leaders and trust you will find them interesting. I’ll also be featuring each of these in regular Wednesday LinkedIn posts on 'Neuroscience Nuggets'. In this episode I look at 4 areas where Neuroscience can add value [...]

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