Leadership Psychology – Interview Fiona Kearns

My latest podcast interview was with Fiona Kearns, Business and Leadership Psychologist. Fiona started her own consultancy almost 2 years ago. She guides driven and caring Directors, Professionals and Senior Leaders globally how to capably step into C-suite roles by unlocking the hang-ups that stop them projecting Confident and Powerful Leadership Presence. Leadership Psychology [...]

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Survival Psychology – How to recognise it, manage it and not let it hijack you!

Are you aware of how much your survival instinct plays a part in your daily thinking? In my latest podcast (and blog) I help raise your awareness of how your survival psychology can hijack you across 5 key areas: The Belief you have Impostor Syndrome Developing a Defensive Mindset Destructive Negative Self Talk The [...]

2022-08-23T14:30:34+01:00August 23rd, 2022|

The Psychology Of Public Speaking – Interview Simon Raybould

My latest podcast interview was with Simon Raybould, presentation skills and public speaking expert! Simon started his working life as a researcher in the UK's largest social science research unit, after a PhD which used stats to look for causes of children's leukaemia. That rigour stayed with him into his training days and what [...]

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How Curiosity Can Fuel Your Success – Interview Charlie Whyman

My latest podcast interview was with Charlie Whyman, expert marketer and head of Curious B2B Marketing. She is also my wonderful Marketing Coach! Charlie has sold olive oil from Sardinia, laser scanners at the bottom of gold mines and drones to commercial ships! She knows what marketing works, what doesn’t and she helps business [...]

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The Importance of Teamship – Interview Colin Mobey

My latest podcast interview was with Colin Mobey from Windward Coaching, who is a Teamship expert! After 14 years working at EON in IT Consultancy and heading up Service Management & Support, Colin started Windward Coaching in 2020. This has a focus on team development, TEAMSHIP and moving away from the concept of leadership [...]

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