Leadership Insights Interview – John Dabrowski

My latest interviewee for the ‘Leadership Mindset’ podcast series was John Dabrowski, and in amongst a whole wealth of interesting topics we spoke about: John’s journey from broke 5 years ago to having a successful international business The importance of starting your day well in order to be more resilient Why it is so [...]

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Think. See. Do. – How To Improve Your Personal Effectiveness

Are you taking care of your greatest asset? In case you had not guessed this is yourself! How can you improve your personal effectiveness? In this article I want to cover 3 important areas for you to consider as you look to improve your wellbeing and become more effective in your role as a leader. [...]

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Leadership Insight Interview – Suresh Bawa

A picture can paint a thousand words, I’m sure you would agree. Analogies and metaphors are a great way to make a memorable point. My latest interviewee for the ‘Leadership Mindset’ podcast series is Suresh Bawa, and he is brilliant at using analogies to get a point across. “It’s okay to have an umbrella but [...]

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Leadership Insight Interview – Don Goodman

I hope you, like me, are a firm believer that the business world can learn a lot from the world of sport. I recently recorded an interview with ex-footballer and Sky pundit Don Goodman for the 'Leadership Mindset - Think, See, Do' series. It was a fascinating interview, talking about Don's experiences right from childhood [...]

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Leadership Insights Interview – Shaz Nawaz

I am sure you find one of the best ways to develop your leadership skills is to listen to the experiences of others who have been successful on their journey. I recently recorded my first podcast interview with Shaz Nawaz for the 'Leadership Mindset - Think, See, Do' series. It was wonderfully insightful! Shaz is [...]

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