We all have an ongoing internal battle. It is the battle between what I call your potential self and your destructive self.

I believe that how successful and fulfilled we are in work and life depends on how well we wage this battle.

Would you agree that it is critical to be able to lead yourself first, before you can lead your company, organisation or people? If you can master your Self Leadership I believe this will have the biggest impact on your success and fulfilment.

New self-study course – Free Access

We have made our new 7-part course on Self Leadership available for free for a limited time. This will end on our 10 year anniversary on August 31st 2017.

The 7 important areas of Self Leadership

In the course we cover:

Self Discovery – Taking time out to examine who you are, your personality type and how you typically behave.

Self Identity – Creating a view of the leader and person you want to be.

Self Development – Looking at how you will develop and continue to grow.

Self Direction – How to create a clear direction for the future and keep yourself inspired and motivated.

Self Awareness – The power of being aware and regular reflection.

Self Talk – How to handle the inner dialogue that we all experience on a daily basis.

Self Mastery – How we finally win the battle between the Potential Self and the Destructive Self.

I have selected these as the 7 areas I feel are most important to your Self Leadership

Access the self study course NOW

You can access the course by clicking here.

You will be able to access and use all the supporting resources for the course too.

Finally, a big thank you to Darinka Burovska for all her hard work in helping me put this course together.

If you would like any support with your Self Leadership contact me on 07912 143040 or email me at tony@theleadershiptrainingworkshop.com.