Do you make the very best use of your time every day?
Do you often feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day?

manage your time

We have all been given tips and tactics to manage our time more effectively, but often they fall by the way side. You may find you are trying to bring in new tactics when the foundation is way too unstable in the first place!

I am a great believer in planning for success. Planning gives us the framework to ensure we can bed in habits that will make the very best use of our time.

So what is the foundation that can give us the best start?

The core components are:

  • A long term strategic Vision to give us strong direction
  • Long term goals that describe an ideal future
  • Having the right support to allow us to focus on our key skills
  • A 90 day plan that is tracked and updated regularly
  • A regime of weekly and daily planning to keep us in control

To expand in a little more detail….

Long term strategic Vision
Why are you in business? What are you looking to achieve for yourself and the people who you will serve? What would be a great vision in the future, if you and your company were to achieve your true potential. This is the destiny you are setting yourself against and it should guide you activities.

Long term goals
Set yourself 5 goals for the long term future – business and personal. I aim to have a home in Cornwall and be a renowned authority and speaker on positive mindset, success and happiness. So this should inform what I do in the short term too. What are your big goals that will influence your short term activities?

The right support
We all have skills we have been gifted with or developed. Why not make the best use of these and use others to support in areas where they are more skilled? It is simple! There may well be financial difficulties in investing in other people, but start to act like the business and person you are looking to become rather than the business you are.

90 day planning
For anyone who has spent time with me at a seminar, in training or in coaching, they will know that I am a huge advocate of 90 day planning. If the Vision and big goals are the end destination on your long night time journey across the country, your 90 day plan are the headlights that will keep you on track in the short term and through each stage. This is the most important foundation for time management in my opinion and I review mine every single week. One final tip – think big with your Vision and long term goals, but think realistic with your 90 day planning!

Weekly and daily planning
So the final foundation piece, before you even start thinking about time management tactics, is to create a weekly plan at the start of each week and then get into the habit of planning daily. I use my 90 day planning to drive my weekly planning. But every day, ensure you end the day by reviewing what happened, what went well and what are the priorities for the next day. Start each day in control!

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