Self leadership

How are you viewing 2017? The New Year is 19 days old already, but how are you choosing to view 2017? Are you seeing it as a year of challenges? Or one that you intend to be your most successful ever?

I watched the James Brown Bio movie over the festive break and decided 2017 is going to be the year to ‘Get On The Good Foot’!

2016 was a challenging year for us all in many respects; the loss of so many influential people, the EU vote, a shock result in the American elections. But we are in danger of not putting 2016 to bed and viewing 2017 with a fresh perspective.

It is interesting that I have heard a few people comment on the recent Graham Taylor death by saying “here we go again”. This is a dangerous view to have!

I speak about “Positive Insight” and this is a concept of mine that relates to
a) how we view ourselves
b) how we view others
c) how we view our situations and challenges

For myself and in my work with others, it is critical to have positive strategies to approach all 3 areas in 2017.

What perspective do you have for yourself at the start of 2017 and how will you lead yourself through the year? Self leadership is such a vital foundation for us all.

How do you set out to relate to others you lead or come into contact with throughout the year? What are the important relationships to build?

And how will you view and respond to the challenges 2017 will undoubtedly bring? What coping strategies do you have in place?

Make it a priority to take time out to develop your personal strategy and revisit this throughout the year with regular time out and reflection.

If you need help in setting yourself up for success in 2017, this is your last chance to join us at our PI Leadership Discovery Workshop on January 23rd.

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