Will it be the business strategies you implement, the quality of your services and products, how good your customer service is?

All of these will have a strong influence on your results, but the biggest determinant of how 2014 maps out for you will be your mindset.

This is why I have developed a new exciting workshop in this very area, for business people and leaders to get the best start possible in 2014. I also want to share with you 3 tips to help you straight away from January 1st!

Becoming a positive and fulfilled leader – 9.30 am January 13th

This is the new half day workshop where I have taken:

  • my years of experience studying Psychology up to Masters level, 
  • the vast array of training programmes I have attended
  • the many books I have read on the subject and 
  • my experience of working with over 100 solo business owners and SME leaders

….to design and create a course I know is going to be incredibly helpful as you set yourself up for success and happiness in 2014 and deal with the bumps, challenges and changes that 2014 will bring.

You can find out more here and for more details and booking please visit the event page here.

As an introductory offer I have discounted this first workshop by 50% to £47.50! If you are a Growth Accelerator Client, you can get matched funding for this too, as I am an accredited Growth Accelerator trainer.

So join us and put yourself in the strongest place possible to achieve the highest levels of happiness and success in 2014!

A positive mindset for 2014 – 3 Tips to get you started

To get you started here are 3 tips that will have a strong impact on your mindset and how you deal with the challenges during the year ahead.

Tip 1 – Train your mind to look for the positive

Research has found that our minds will seek out what we train it to look for. You will have seen my previous explanation of “The Tetris Effect” no doubt (email me if you haven’t). Well we can train our minds to recognise and seek out the positive in our world too. For 18 months I have been writing down 5 positive things that happened during the day, however small (and I know it can be difficult if it has been a tough day!!). What I have done is train my mind to look for positive rather than negative events. This does not have to be work related – it can be anything. I sat and watched my 15 year old daughter walk into school when I dropped her off last week and this was a positive thing on that day. Do this every day for 3 weeks at the start of the year and see how you feel

Tip 2 – Continually move yourself to the cause side of the cause-effect equation

We feel most stressed in our daily lives when we feel out of control. This is when we are on the “effect” side of the equation. What we do when we are at “effect” is to blame other people and situations, justify why we are there and make excuses. To become empowered again, look at any situation where you are on the “effect” side of the equation and take 1-3 actions (however small) to influence what is going on. Don’t try and make these big, but where you can have an influence.

Tip 3 – Handle your negative thinking

We all have a negative part to our thinking that can pop up at the most unhelpful times! When you are just about to do an important presentation or go into a key meeting. This is a big issue to handle and one that I can’t simply eliminate in a blog, but I will give you one simple piece of advice to start you off. Externalise the voice! Do not own it as part of your own identity, but see it as some sort of sinister gremlin. It is not you, you do not have to own it and seeing it in this way is the start of the journey to quietening its influence. You can even give it a name and when the thinking starts just say, “oh xxx, you are back again are you!”.

I hope you find these initial tips helpful. If you want to discuss these and other ways you can develop a positive mindset please drop me a line of give me a call on 07912143040.