Grow your business with The Business Growth Service

Have you heard about GrowthAccelerator, now part of The Business Growth Service?

As part of the work we do at The Leadership Training Workshop, I am an registered and approved Growth Coach. This is a significantly funded programme for high growth businesses.

GrowthAccelerator has helped over 18,000 businesses over the past 3 years and the new service, “The Business Growth Service”, will run for a further 2 years.

GrowthAccelerator has been proven to help businesses grow 4 x faster than the average SME business. Also 97% of the people who have used GrowthAccelerator would recommend the service.

In my own work with 10 businesses over the past 2 years, clients have made significant improvements in their businesses and the results they have achieved. As examples, I have worked with a 6 figure 3 person business who have experienced a 109% increase in turnover and a 20 person 7 figure company who have grown by 30% in 12 months.

A lot of my work on the programme starts with a clear vision and plan for the business. Did you know 27% of SME businesses never have a plan? How up to date is your plan as a foundation for your growth and success over the next 3 years plus?

The Business Growth Service is aimed at small and medium sized businesses with between 1 and 250 employees and with realistic ambitions for high growth over the next 3 years.

If this sounds like you and you want to grow your business, it would be great to hear from you. We can explain more about the service and whether it would be suitable for you. You can call us on 07912 143040 or email at

The service also offers up to £2,000 matched funding for leadership and management training for senior managers.

Simply email or call 07912 143040 to find out more.