I went for a regular swim on Sunday morning and found that the pool was extremely crowded. But it will be okay, as by February that will quieten down. Why? Because that resolution to get fit will have already gone by the way side for many people.

goals and resolutions

How are you progressing with your goals and resolutions? Have any started to fall by the way side already?


This week I wanted to give you 10 ways in which you can sense check and give yourself the best way for your goals and resolutions to become a reality.


1. Make sure they are the right ones! – Have you got carried away with the emotion of the festive period and made goals that are unrealistic or unappealing? This is a good time to sense check them and it is then okay to change or ditch any as appropriate.

2. Work on your positive mindset to stay on track – This is key and it will impact on everything including your goals and resolutions! Work on some strategies to keep you motivated and positive.

3. Ensure your goals are built around your grander Vision for the whole year and the future – You should ideally have a clear idea of where you are trying to get to this year and in the future. What does this look like on a personal level and for your business? Do these goals fit with this and if not how might they be changed to fit in with the grander picture.

4. Make the goals tangible and achievable – Have you set the bar too high or too low? Again, two weeks in is a good time to look at changing or tweaking the the targets. I got on the scales yesterday and realised I need to lose 10 pounds not 7 before we go on holiday in February!

5. Build them into a structured plan and track them – This is your chance to break them down into manageable chunks. If it is a 12 month goal, what needs to be done in January etc. I plan to write a book this year and so have looked at the structure of the book and what needs doing each month.

6. Talk to people and get their support – This is very important. To achieve your goals it will be much harder if you do this in isolation. So, work in a group or talk to friends and family regularly to get their support, encouragement and feedback.

7. Focus on the next 21-30 days to bed them in – Don’t focus on the year, but what needs to happen in the short term. It allegedly takes 21-30 days to bed in a habit, so what do you need to do next on your journey and focus just on that for now.

8. Make it as easy as possible for your will power not to hijack them – Our will power is not good! Anyone who has heard the story about me and my daughter’s chocolate Santa will know that is true! Make the things that you want to do easier and the things you want to stop harder! Hide the biscuit tin at the back of the cupboard and make healthy snacks accessible!

9. Reward yourself and look for a Champagne moment or 2 – Plan in some nice moments when you can reward yourself or others. In my Solopreneur Clubs we are looking at one champagne moment for the year what we will all celebrate (metaphorically or perhaps in reality!). One kind chap’s was to buy his wife some Louboutin shoes! 

10. Set reminders on your phone to give you positive messages! – And finally, one I saw in a health bulletin. Set some messages to pop up on your calendar during the year and especially the next month, to give you some positive self pep talks!


If you need any help or support in ensuring positive resolutions or goals are achieved, please feel free to give me a call on 07912 143040 and we can discuss how I can help you.